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Global Broadcast Discussing The FCTC COP9 Planned to Counter WHO Secrecy

The COP9 organizers said that any discussions related to alternative tobacco products will be postponed, but evidence indicates otherwise.Earlier this year, COP9 organisers had...

Case Studies: Countries Applying WHO Guidelines Have Higher Smoking Rates

More than half of global smoking-related deaths occur in Asia and the Far East.Titled "Vaping Works. International Best Practices: United Kingdom, New Zealand, France...

Asia Pacific Experts Urge Hong Kong to Regulate Not Ban Vaping 

In a letter to Hong Kong Chief Executive, Hon Carrie Lam, the Expert Advisory Group of the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction...

Consumer Groups Urge WHO to Save Lives By Endorsing THR

The letter asks the WHO to end its war on vaping and other alternatives to smoking, which have been identified by science as effective...

NGOs Exposed in Funding Vape Ban Lobbying in the Philippines

A "small, corrupt network of elites” are “funneling cash through a myriad of anti-tobacco organizations and charities, and are particularly focused on influencing laws.“These...

Bloomberg Philanthropies Tries to Smear Philippines Vape Bill

“This latest well-timed supposed youth initiative against Senate Bill No. 2239 has the fingerprints of Bloomberg Philanthropies all over it."Last May, the House of...

CAPHRA Warns Asia Against ‘Philanthropic Colonialism’

In theory the WHO FCTC recognizes harm reduction as a core tobacco control policy, yet it fails to implement itThe phenomenon was brought to...

CAPHRA Member Organisations Sign Declaration in Favour of THR

“September marks the start of the secret season which sadly sees supposed ‘tobacco control experts’ playing up to their puppet masters and denying Asia...