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The Significant Benefits of CBD, its Potential Hazards and How to...

70% of nicotine is metabolized by an enzyme which can be inhibited by CBD.The study "Inhibition of Nicotine Metabolism by Cannabidiol (CBD) and 7-Hydroxycannabidiol...

Emerging Patterns of Cannabis Consumption

A 20-year national US study reported a 245% increase in cannabis use among minors alongside a steady decline in alcohol consumption.Given that vaping products...
Doctor holding cannabis and oil

Recent Figures: Medicinal Cannabis is Becoming Increasingly Popular in New Zealand

“Doctors are increasingly engaged about medicinal cannabis. They’re receiving a lot more enquiries from patients and so they’re keen to learn more about prescribing...

Marijuana Is Still Vaping’s Future

Is pot the vaping's future? The answer is yes, and here's why. In preparation for this column, I was reading up on recent news related...

Costa Rica Approves Medicinal Marijuana

The most politically stable country in Central America, Costa Rica, is on its way to legalizing medicinal marijuana. SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — The national...
sweet earth hemp cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes Are Still A Thing

A Canadian hemp company just created a brand new CBD cigarette product to be sold in the United States. VANCOUVER, B.C. — The publicly traded...
Delta-8 THC oil

5 Doubts You Should Clarify About Delta 8 E-liquid

If you frequently visit websites dealing with the vaping and hemp industries, looking for relevant information on the best products on the market at...
Close up of woman with manicured hand holding the clear vape pen

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Delta-8 Vape Juices

Vaping enthusiasts worldwide are raving about the new Delta-8 vape juice that recently made the list of some of the most popular vaping products. If...