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مؤسس النسخة العربية من موقع Vaping Post , كنت من المعجبين بقيمة المعلومات التي ينشرها هذا الموقع بنسختيه الإنجليزية والفرنسية. في بداية 2020 خطرت لي فكرة حول حاجة مستخدم الفيب العربي لمعلومات بهذه الجودة ولكن باللغة العربية. بصفتي مدخنًا سابقًا تمكن من ترك التدخين بفضل الفيب ، شعرت على الفور بالحاجة إلى نقل هذه المفاهيم للحد من مخاطر التدخين.

How to Clean a Vape Tank

Time needed: 3 minutes. How to Clean a Vape Tank - Step-by Step Take out the vape tank from your vaporizer and empty it of any fluid. Rinse...

Are e-cigarettes hazardous for your lungs?

Are e-cigarettes hazardous for your lungs? Non-smokers should never use e-cigarettes. On the other hand, smokers who swap smoking for vaping will really feel...

Why does my e-cigarette crackle?

Why does my e-cigarette crackle? This is a normal phenomenon resulting from a temperature rise in the resistance coil. Under the effect of heat,...

How do you vape?

How to vape in four steps Press the activation button Once the e-cigarette is in your mouth, press the activation button (known as the...

Why does my e-cigarette irritate my throat?

Do you feel a tingling sensation in your throat when vaping? Do you sometimes cough? Don't panic, we will explain why this is happening...

Why does my e-cigarette taste burnt?

How to avoid my e-cigarette to taste burnt ? Check your clearomizer Check that your clearomizer still contains a suitable level of e-liquid (more...

5 questions to help you choose the right nicotine content

Get a clear understanding of the nicotine that you need when you are a smoker When you are a smoker and you want to quit...

The perfect way to wick your resistance coil

Time needed: 2 minutes. How do you fit the wick into the coil correctly? Cut some coil wire Start by cutting a piece of coil...