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Chicago Files New Lawsuit Against Vapes.com and Marketing Contractor

The city of Chicago, Ill., is suing Vapes.com and a marketing contractor for the e-commerce retailer. In a new chapter of litigation against companies of...

A Texas Federal Court Postpones The FDA’s Cigarette Health Warning Deadline

A judge at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas granted a motion of delay to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit R.J....

Colorado Sued For Alleged Inside Deal With Philip Morris USA

Colorado sued for an alleged back-room deal with Philip Morris USA. Proposition (Prop.) EE, a ballot initiative on this coming November ballot, is a "specific...

Vapor Technology Association Files Lawsuit Against FDA

So far, it seems the FDA strategy towards vaping in general has been to immediately reject it by harshly regulating it. Then, when it...

The potential frivolity of the Juul class actions is alarming

For the past few weeks, I have gone over several of the class actions that have been filed against Juul Labs. As I read...

#FUNDtheSUIT Campaign Reaches $250K GoFundMe Goal

There has been a successful fundraising campaign that recently became one of the most successful fundraisers in the history of vaping, directly behind one...

FDA Sued for Delaying PMTA Compliance Deadline

In the last ten years, electronic cigarettes have exploded from non-existence to a $3.5 billion industry. An industry which up to less than a...

“eCig Explosion” Lawsuits Could be Quick Cash Schemes

The American Dream - Reestablished by Vapor Just around this time of year, only a couple years back, it could be said that the American...