There has been a successful fundraising campaign that recently became one of the most successful fundraisers in the history of vaping, directly behind one other event Vaping Post has covered previously. Therefore, next to VapesGiving, the newest addition to the very short, young list of fundraisers with legendary status, is #FUNDtheSUIT.

For a brief recap, the first fundraiser to reach this iconic status was the VapesGiving Manufacturers Challenge organized by Fig Ramsey, sponsored by the American Vaping Association (AVA) and Naked 100 eLiquid, where in one week, nearly $400K was raised to help support members of the #VapeTithting-influenced Gonzo Gives Program designed for State Advocacy Groups. Due in large part to a dollar-for-dollar match by Naked 100 eLiquid owner Huy Nguyen.

Regardless, it is quite clear how and why #FUNDtheSUIT has been given an advantage to becoming a legendary fundraiser, thanks to countless factors involved, in which nearly every factor is made up of reliable individual vapers — industry professionals and advocates.

First, before continuing any further, it is imperative to inform those who may be unaware, that the goal of reaching $250K in donations has already been accomplished in less than one week. It seems the power of social media and solidarity have prevailed. A extremely important lesson for the vape community to reflect on.

The Fundraiser’s GoFundMe page had the goal set at raising $250K, which is truly a rather modest amount when considering what the donated funds will be used for.

Major Details

Many throughout the vape community can recall the infamous lawsuit including Nicopure and Right to be Smoke-Free vs. FDA. According to the the organizers of the recent #FUNDtheSUIT campaign, “It’s one of many facets of the ongoing war to save vaping. But right now, it’s a struggle, and one of our lasts hopes.”

The beneficiary of this fundraiser is the Right 2 Be Smoke Free Advocacy Organization. The funds will be used to sue the FDA.

According to the GoFundMe Page for this fundraiser, it states, “VAPE News Magazine aka have partnered with Grimm Green and others to organize this grassroots-style fundraiser to help keep this moving forward.”

The organizer of this fundraiser is Corey Noles, Editor of Vape News Magazine — the leading print publication in the U.S. which has also expanded it’s online presence with the optimization of

It seems that suing the FDA is becoming a trend in today’s economic climate. Perhaps many may feel that the FDA does not deserve this type of treatment, then again perhaps this is merely the price you pay for being a governing body that imposes it’s regulatory framework onto entire industries of business.

Comparable Characteristics and Related Results

Considering this, Corey has been highly active as a voice for vaping and advocating for the sustainability of the industry for quite some time. One thing about Corey, is that he is always up to something, he has some plan of action he is working towards, whether each day, each week or each month.

This means, of course, Mr. Noles is routinely cooking up some sort of plan to help preserve the vape industry. This goes to show that Corey Noles is all about producing quick and efficient results.

Speaking of quick and efficient results when fundraising, Fig Ramsey, a vape industry professional who is one of the most well-known vape advocates responsible for launching a direct funding channel to State advocacy groups, in which this concept is comparable to a never-ending fundraiser and major advocacy opportunity — referred to as the VapeTithing system implemented through his Gonzo Gives Program.

Of course, as mentioned previously, Fig Ramsey is well-known for organizing the VapesGiving Manufacturers Challenge. Perhaps many may be wondering why this article keeps coming back to highlighting the success of this other fundraiser which is not at all included in the title of this piece. Perhaps? Perhaps not.

Well, in actuality it is extremely relevant to analyze and compare the strategies and similarities of both fundraisers for the purpose of allowing vape community members to not only understand all of the details and major facilitators involved in this miraculous accomplishment

Though it is also vital to inform all who find these details to be advantageous and to connect the correlations that are at work when organizing similar events in the future. Other active professionals seeking out solutions must immediately know how to proceed and learn where it is you should be turning to when funding is an absolute necessity for a major cause in the vapor realm.

Mr. Ramsey lended his advice and guidance on the most appropriate path to venture based on his experiences when organizing fundraisers that embody vape-related circumstances. Corey wrote a final thank you message on the GoFundMe page after reaching the $250K goal. In it he states:

There are sooo many people to thank for their hard work on this — my team here at VAPE News for all of their efforts, Fig Ramsey for more than I can put into words.”

Furthermore, the support and guidance from a fellow vape advocate will always go a long way. Motivation, will, ambition, drive, hope and inspiration are certainly uplifting benefits to any particular goal someone has and can keep you going farther when facing adversity.

However, nowadays, within the increasingly competitive economic landscape ripe with chaos and ever-changing information updates, such uplifting qualities are simply not enough to get what you need or perhaps had anticipated, expected and in some cases felt entitled to accomplish. Therefore we must reach out to others with experience in situations requiring specific relationships experience and knowledge.

Corey was indeed already equipped with the proper experience and knowledge to organize a successful campaign raising funds for advocating. At the same time, it’s always an advantageous strategy to consult another experienced professional no matter what the circumstances.

Altogether, I mention this for a number reasons, but most of all, it is because advocates must communicate on a consistent basis in order to accomplish the goals collectively shared. While this may seem obvious and any who read this will likely not find this to be some sort of a revelation or perhaps an unknown requirement.

Video Conference with Both Corey and Fig

Corey mentioned how, the Fundraiser literally made $12K before the event was even announced. So, #FUNDtheSUIT initially caught on quickly with a select group of insiders.

However, the one event that seemed to create a steady flow of generous donations was directly after the single $50K contribution by Huy Nguyen, owner of Naked 100 eLiquids.

Altogether, Fig Ramsey helped launch this campaign via Facebook. While he insisted on not being mentioned as a major facilitator to kicking off this event, Corey agreed, the credit is due where credit is due.

Henceforth, apparently after Fig posted a reminder about #FUNDtheSUIT, Naked 100 did the same and this seemed to generate a massive influx of contributions especially after the $50K donation.

“It takes a few days for things to take hold, so after these scenarios unfolded, within the first 36 hours, #FUNDtheSUIT was cooking up some impressive contributions from well-known participants. Industry professionals, Big Industry Players as well as individual vapers all pitched in. This was truly a team effort

Corey says, “it was mid-day Wednesday when Naked 100 helped push the funding goal over 100K” — this ignited an influx of $10 – $1000 donations. In addition, we saw $5K donated by Boosted and $20K by Innokin —SEVIA-USA

Speaking with Corey, you will quickly learn that his words are reflections of genuine intentions to assist the industry in any way. As Editor of Vape News Magazine, there needs to be a certain amount of social skill and emotional intelligence that must genuinely exist.

Overall, Corey wanted to make somethings absolutely clear. Furthermore, during our recent discussion regarding the #FUNDtheSUIT campaign he has organized. Please See Below:

Corey Noles provides his. Best advice when advocating for the entire industry of vapor products rather than only donating to his FUNDtheSUIT campaign

After hearing this, any individual advocate or advocacy group should feel largely encouraged. This is the type of guy Corey is, he doesn’t want to divide the vape community, he chooses to attempt to unite provide for all advocacy

Manifested Passion of Vape Community

It’s so encouraging to see countless vapers giving to this cause, even if it is only one or two dollar, it makes a difference. It is also uplifting to see some of the vape businesses donating thousands. However, there are so many manufacturers out there with millions that have yet to contribute. If an individual vaper can donate $10, which I’m assuming they can barely spare, then the Big Players in the industry MUST participate by way of a generous donation.

From expressing how important it is to personally remain well-informed about current issues and up-to-date vape events, especially advocacy-fueled online fundraisers, speaks volumes about the commitment of vape product consumers. What other industry is able to garner this sort of genuine passion from their consumers? 

it means  you care about the integrity of the industry is far more valuable than . It is also uplifting to see some of the vape businesses donating thousands. However, there are so many manufacturers out there with millions that have yet to contribute. If an individual vaper can donate $10, which I’m assuming they can barely spare, then the Big Players in the industry MUST participate by way of a generous donation.

In retrospect, let us take this time to celebrate another victory created by the vape community, by the vape community. It seemed as if for far too long, American vapers and vape businesses around the U.S. were on the losing side of each and every battle. As mentioned by Corey Noles, this is a war with many fronts.

Therefore, when being attacked from every angle with all resources by any group, then victories are rather so finite, that it feels as if all that we ever experience are overly dramatized misinformation campaigns influencing public policies. Not to mention, unnecessary and upsetting results are typically all most vape advocates and industry professionals likely experience on a daily basis.

Regardless, the creativity, innovation and unyielding spirit most vapers possess are all genuine, strong and hopeful qualities when facing such challenges of constant adversity. This community is full of leaders and many others who are willing to step into leadership roles at any given moment.

We are reminded of just how impressive each and every individual vaper truly is when events like #FUNDtheSUIT are flawlessly organized, properly marketed and quickly executed with precision. 

If anything, there are a number of perspectives that can be applied when reflecting on reaching fundraising goals for this industry. First and foremost, when you tend to lose all the time, you learn more and more and only become stronger and further motivated by achieving victory. 

Whether we are dissecting the success of the biggest fundraiser in the young vape history, the VapesGiving Manufacturer’s Challenge or the most recent and second largest fundraiser in vape history, #FUNDtheSUIT, what we are able to takeaway from such events, is that this industry has always thrived on innovation and creativity, often building trends that become lasting additions to the vape culture.

#FUNDtheSUIT is a pure manifestation of everything so many vape advocates would have and could have launched years ago. Then again, this may not be quite on the level of manifest destiny, yet it represents a number of legitimate feelings shared by many groups and individuals throughout the vape community, essentially communicating an inspirational message.

That message is, in my own words, I feel is something we can refer to as ”a universal collective of feelings that are personal at the core.” Therefore, I believe this message is similar to what I have listed below:

“We will not just abandon our beliefs and what we know to be true. We will continue to support this technological advancement in Tobacco Harm Reduction. When we organize and mobilize, we are solidified and financialized. Once all vapers become united as one movement of informed people, many more celebrated victories will become a daily exercise.” 

By no means should this italicized statement seem threatening, it is merely a matter of attempting to remain positive by expression with a positive reaction to a positive event in an industrial sector that is typically plagued with negative consequences.

An image of a word-for-word statement Corey Noles made on FUNDtheSUIT GoFundMe page

With the success of #FUNDtheSUIT & VapesGiving, it is obvious that these two fundraisers have started a much needed advocacy trend. So, in a sense, this has created a vape fundraising movement. Let us learn, learn more, then focus on a specific issue, create anticipation and ultimately make some more financial contributions together, as one united front. If we do not all work together from consumer to advocate to manufacturer to researcher to writer to distributor to blogger to vape shop retailers. Everyone must see themselves as a significant piece of the puzzle because YOU ARE!



Corey also shares in his last GoFundMe page message some information that may help further the efforts they are determined to see through to the end.

Corey suggests:

“For anyone who still wishes to contribute to the lawsuit effort, we at VAPE News ask that you visit the Right to be Smoke Free Coalition website and donate directly at:  Again, we want to thank everyone who gave — from the smallest donation to the largest, YOUR contribution counts and WILL make a difference.”


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