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UK: Weaning smokers off smoking in 4 weeks with Ecigs

The aim of the Leicester Mercury Campaign is to convince 200 smokers to cut off their smoking for good in the next 4 weeks. Last year, during the campaign, the...

Uncertainty and misunderstanding around e-cigarettes for British quitters

E-cigarettes are increasingly popular among smokers as a quitting tool Since a growing number of scientific results suggest that e-cigarettes may help smokers quit smoking,...

UK: E-cigarettes can be prescribed by physicians

Before e-Voke, the Voke nicotine inhaler had received medical clearance Last November, Voke, British American Tobacco's electronic cigarettes had been granted  a license from the British...

The e-cigarette helps London smokers stop smoking and breathe easier

More than half of the participants experienced an improvement in their breathing During the winter meeting of the British Thoracic Society, held on Thursday, December 3 in...

UK: An e-cigarette to be made available on the NHS

Physicians will soon be authorized to prescribe e-cigarettes as a support for withdrawal It was underway after the publication of the report on the electronic...