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Study finds that Asia’s Smoking Rates are Still Rising

The recent study, led by researchers from Vanderbilt University, USA, looked at trends in tobacco use in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and...

PHE Demonstration Compares the Effects of Smoking vs Vaping

Public Health England (PHE), the UK health organization renowned for its progressive stance in relation to harm reduction, has released footage from an experiment...

Iceland: Smoking Rates Have Dropped Significantly Thanks to Vaping

In 2014, 35,000 Icelanders smoked, by 2017 this figure had dropped to 9%, which amounts to approximately 22,000 people.“Smoking has been falling like a...

US researchers say switching to e-cigs could save 6.6 million smokers

The study was published in the journal Tobacco Control, and co-author David Levy said that the electronic devices should be endorsed as part of...