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A Psychiatric Publication Discusses Vaping in the Context of Mental Health

Data gathered across the globe keep indicating that mental health patients are more likely to smoke than individuals who do not suffer from psychological...

The Relationship Between Vaping and Mental Health

Smokers on psychotropic drugs tend to need higher doses of nicotine.Some studies have indicated that when adolescents consume nicotine, given that their brains are...

Canada’s Proposed Flavour Ban Ignores Mental Health Issues in Youth

Studies have found that when adolescents consume nicotine they are not only more likely to become addicted to nicotine, but also to other substances.Youth...

Another Study Looking Into the Association Between Vaping and Mental Illness

Among those who had ever tried an e-cigarette, over half (54.6%) reported the reason was to quit smoking, while 13.9% reported that the reason...