A 4 ml clearomizer eGo One Mega and a Box Mod with variable wattage

eVic VTC MiniI was testing the new VT last June and I gave a 4.5/5 to the eVic while the Subox by KangerTech obtained 5/5. This latest eVic VTC Mini is nothing but a compilation of those two models. Do not see a too severe criticism since the merging of the two kits is a complete success for the box. A little less when considering only the clearomizer because the Subtank strides over the eGo One Mega equipping this very pretty box.

eVic VTC MiniThis eVic VTC Mini by Joyetech incorporates the fundamentals of its sibling, the eVic VT, like the excellent temperature control and the sublime widescreen that offers a very good readability. You can vape continuously and without any problems by adjusting only the temperature of the resistor, with the nickel or titanium resistors proposed in the starting kit. This requires, of course to have a glance at the user manual.

eVic VTC MiniI admit that I prefer the eVic VTC Mini to the VT version for the simple reason that the 18,650 batteries are interchangeable and that its size is more suitable to my nomad needs. The eVic is now VTC because of the “Variable Temperature Control” present on this version and is the most accessible box with separate 18,650 batteries amounting almost 200 euros, until recently. So I acknowledge Joyetech for, as initiated by Vaporshark, offering this type of box with a magnetic lid and temperature control.

Joyetech, a brand founded on technological innovation, comes back on the international market and that’s good especially for the standard of finish and assembling quality. It is once again demonstrated with this EVIC VTC Mini.

This product has the same format as the other curent boxes, and as usual with Joyetech, this eVic VTC is a stand-alone kit that does not require any additional purchase, even that of a clearomizer. However, for this version “Mini”, one needs to purchase a separate battery, of good quality and not a crap at a discount desk. This eVic VTC Mini is concretely dedicated to vapers who want to acquire a product a bit more advanced than basic electronic cigarettes because, even if the temperature control is effective, it requires handling and a much greater personal investment in the operation of fire that your traditional Bic lighter.

eVic VTC MiniEspecially since this eVic VTC that offers this famous control via temperature, also offers a more classical mode with setting via the power in watts and, best of all, a mode “bypass” to vape like a Mech mod.

There remains an important issue that is not yet answered: What temperature should I or can I adjust my resistor to optimize its longevity preserve my health? The default value is set to 230°C, but for my taste, I turn it around 275 °C… Am I crazy?

“Subox-like” classic design, the same vertical giant screen and a wiser usability than an eVic VT.

eVic VTC MiniI immediately confess that I would not choose this color but one must recognize that it follows Tffany’s trend and therefore offers a more feminine alternative than the viril black boxes, that we see everywhere.

Packaging is more than correct, as usual with Joyetech, and this does not change with the VTC Mini. The set provides a clear impression of excellent quality in terms, far away from the Ego One box that has been extensively criticised on this point. At first sight, the eVic VTC Mini reminded me of the Subox by Kangertech with an undeniable modern touch, which is very surprising because of the recent release of the Subox.

This is a very successful set and the magnetic battery lid is perfectly adapted to the chassis that is of a good usability, comparable in all respects to the Subox, with on top of it, a larger screen and temperature control functions.

eVic VTC MiniThen, jumbled, you will find a USB cable, a Ego One Mega, a Nickel resistor, a Titanium one and a user manual. In summary, it only requires a good quality 18,650 battery to start immediately, after of course having read the manual to masterize the settings and the resistor’s calibration, if you want to use the temperature control, which is not mandatory.

220 grams, this is the weight of the complete set. This is much lighter than its big sibling but rather in the range of a Subox by KangerTech, for example. It is quite acceptable when equipped with a 18,650 battery.

As for the eVic VT, you will have the same great widescreen where, for once, the display is clear, large and horizontally oriented. This 4 cm high screen shows the useful information but is still not adjustable in brightness and will be perfect for an indoor use but almost unreadable in sunlight.

eVic VTC MiniIn terms of controls, they are accessible with  You will also have an easy access to the classic Fire whose touch and use seem better than the eVic VT. In operation, it is more pleasant and quiet. The settings have not been changed from the VT, except that they are now accessed by 2 small buttons and no longer with the wheel. As for the eVic VT, it is a little confusing at first because access to the menu requires a short time after the 3 pressures on the Fire, and one gets the wrong impression of a failure to enter this menu. But in use, once its operation has been well integrated, the principle is perfectly logical, convenient and simple. At the end of my first day, I was fully operational with all its subtleties.

eVic VTC MiniTo finish quickly on the well design general appearance of the eVic VTC Mini, Joyetech successfully and smartly took over the positive characteristics of its eVic VT to “magically” make it a more completed Subox.

Better finish and more modern in terms of setting capabilities. However, it is clear to me that a Subtank is always better than the eGo One Mega.

Technical Review

The main characteristics of the eVic VTC Mini are:

  • A round plastic Fire on the side (On/Off by 5 rapid clicks).
  • Adjustable temperature from 100°C to 350°C
  • Adjustable voltage from 0.5 V to 8.0 V
  • Adjustable power from 1 W to 60 W
  • Resistance: from 0.05 to 1.00 Ω in VT mode and 0.15 to 3.00 Ω in W mode
  • Thread: 510
  • Weight (with the eGo One Mega): 220 g (70 g lower than the eVic VT)
  • Height: 82 mm
  • Width: 38.2 mm
  • Thickness: 22.2 mm
  • Batteries: exchangeable, provided
  • Safety: 10 sec, shortcut, Temp higher than 70°C, resistor lock (temp calibration)
  • USB charging (bottom)
  • Large OLED screen
  • Display of Temperature/Watt, Power/Volts, Ω, battery, puffs, temperature
  • Stainless steel
  • 4 modes: Temp Ti/Temp Ni/Wattage/bypass
  • eGo One Mega, 4 ml
  • 2 atomizer heads, type CL (Ti: 0.42 Ω; Ni: 0.24 Ω)
  • User manual (english)
  • Choice between three colours (black, yellow and blue)

Switching on…

eVic VTC MiniThe electronic section is efficient with a setting of temperature perfectly optimized and simplified despite a too succinct guidance! (ditto eVic VT)

Turning on the display requires 5 pushes on the Fire. And one discovers a perfectly readable screen. Joyetech has been smart enough to set up the display horizontally to prevent you from turing your Box in all direction. But before accessing to a temperature controlled vape, you should read the manual or simply set up the power in watts.

Indeed, and as a reminder, you must know that this setting of temperature is dependant on metals. The first requirement for it to work properly and precisely is to calibrate the resistor, an operation that must be done at room temperature.

Clearly, the user manual does not provide enough details on the operations once you have installed the resistor in the eGo One Mega: Ni (Nickel) with a blue seal and Ti (Titanium) with a red one. At this stage, you must first of all enter the menu by 3 successive pushes on the Fire and choose the right menu by scrolling through the four modes with the left button. Then, wait for the menu to flash and choose between Ti and Ni.

Once in the right mode, push twice on the right button to see flashing the Ohm menu. You can lock your resistance calibration by a long push on the right button. A small locker appears next to “Atomizer”. Got it? Your resistance is now calibrated and ready to boost.

Mine is detected at 0.20 Ω for Nickel and 0.39 Ω for Titanium. Do not mix between the Ti and Ni modes because the heating coefficient of the two metals is significantly different.

Secondly, and this is not necessarily clear on the user manual, you can select from 30 W to 60 W the maximum power that you send to the resistor in order to reach the targeted temperature. The initial setting of 60 W is likely too high and you can probably set it to a lower value.

Similarly, push three times on the Fire and wait until it flashes before pushing on the left button. Watts are now flashing and this will allow you to select a value between 30 W and 60 W. For the Ni, I started with 50 W and lowered it to 40 W which is a good compromise to save the battery. For the Ti, I am using 50 W.

The benefit of this setting is to allow you switching mode and/or atomizer. You can then put you eGo One Mega on and the preset will be saved and the temperature control enabled as long as the value of the resistance is the same. It looks a bit complicated but it is quite simple and fast when you get used to it. You will have to start again every time you change the resistor.

A classic watt setting mode for the other resistors or other atomizers and a bypass mode to turn your box as a Mech mod

eVic VTC MiniAs for the eVic VT, the eVic VTC Mini is not limited to your home-made resistors made of Titanium or Nickel, you can also use it like any other box by choosing the Power mode that ensures Watt settings from 1 to 60. The setting will be extremely simple since you will use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to increase or decrease the power. Whenever you get bored with that mode, you can also choose to display either the battery meter, the number of puffs or the vaping time.

A novelty that could widen the user panel of this eVic Mini compared to the others is the introduction of a Bypass mode that turns your Box into a quasi Mech mod. A Mech mod that will nevertheless keep you in security and protect you in case of high voltage due to a bad battery.

A secured vaping thanks to a temperature control but also an accomplished box at this price for all uses and all users.

eVic VTC MiniThe resistor types CL-Ti or CL-Ni are identical, of course, because it is the same clearomizer, the eGo One Mega, that is provided with 2 box. The longevity of these resistors remains above average and depends on the liquids you vape. However a price between 2.5 and 3 € each is, in my view, a maximum price too high when it comes finally to disposable resistors.

As already mentioned in the eVic VT test, the 0.20 Ω Nickel resistor gives me a perfect rendering at 50 W by limiting the temperature to 250°C. It is also true that below 190-200°C, the solution does not work very well and a burnt taste arrives above 250°C.

So, I quickly made the decision to lower the power around 40-45 W to preserve the resistor. For the 0.42 Ω Titanium one, my settings are a slightly higher and I comfortably vape at 270°C for a power of 50 W, reducing a bit the airflow.

eVic VTC MiniI’ll have to split the clearomizer out from the box because I am excited about the box itself but the eGo One Mega will not replace my Subtanks or the recent iSub by Innokin. And the main causes are a painful filling and a tricky calibration. Resistors calibration sometimes needs to be repeated for no reason and you will have to go through the whole process after a complete cooling of the resistance, not to affect the reference measurement.

My satisfaction is complete and total with respect to the box itself, that received a finish touch in accordance with its price. Not as beautiful as a Dicode but still! The magnetic lid is smart and you can not reverse it because the magnets refuse the inversion, and their strength is a bit higher than those of the Subox and far higher than the VaporShark.

In summary

The “+”:

  • 18,650 replaceable battery
  • Three uses : Mecha mod (bypass), Watts or Temperature controlled
  • Magnetic lid
  • Improved Fire compared to the eVic VT
  • reasonable weight
  • A really usable temperature control via the resistor types CL-Ni or -Ti
  • Giant OLED screen for a comfortable vertical reading
  • Not innovative but a very nice design and usability
  • Very good quality
  • USB charging down the remote box of fluid leaks
  • 510 connectors to connect other types of atomizers, like subtank
  • Justified price

The “-“:

  • It should be possible to buy it naked, without the clearomizer eGo One Mega
  • Too succinct user manual, especially on the calibration procedure
  • Noisy atomizer/resistor, too noisy in confined space (50-55 db)
  • Temperature control limited to Nickel and Titanium
  • Atomizer heads CL-Ni or -Ti too expensive
  • Menu access and mode setup not enough responsive
  • Airflow Adjustment to be optimized on the eGo One
  • Clearomizer always a little difficult to fill


Rating of 5/5 for the box itself and of 4.3/5 for the whole.

The box included in this kit is remarkable and more advanced than its yet not so old main competitor, the Subox. But the clearomizer is in my opinion not as functional as the Subtank family by Kanger that offers greater versatility. The perfect kit does not exist but it comes close… The box is equilibrated and I think nothing is missing. It remains to assess the longevity of this product.

Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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evic-vtc-mini-by-joyetechA 4 ml clearomizer eGo One Mega and a Box Mod with variable wattage I was testing the new VT last June and I gave a 4.5/5 to the eVic while the Subox by KangerTech obtained 5/5. This latest eVic VTC Mini is nothing but a compilation of...