Three petitions are granted against TPD in the UK

With the support of the British government for the electronic cigarette, the British vapers continue to mobilize against the too strict framework around the electronic cigarette on their island. A formal petition for British citizens, was published on the website of the British Parliament to oppose Article 20 of the European Tobacco Products Directive, which will severely regulate products of the vape.

The government is committed to respond to this petition if 10,000 people support it, if it gets 100,000, the issue will be discussed in the Parliament. Currently, the petition has been signed by just over 1,300 users but it will run until 29 January 2016.

On the platform, the same type of request was made. The signatories call for a withdrawal of the Article 20 of the TPD that would have negative consequences on the sales of electronic cigarettes and, by extension, on the health of smokers.

The petition, signed by nearly 4,000 people to date, has been sent to the Department of Health. It refers to the PHE report, that recently focussed on the electronic cigarette and criticized for some of the measures contained in the Article 20 of the TPD.

In addition to vapers, the British manufacturer Totally Wicked has launched a legal action against the Article 20 of the TPD, that is accused of infringing the fundamental rights of the e-cigarette manufacturers and users. The British company has launched a site to call for support on its procedure.

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