The e-cigarette is considered in Switzerland as a food product

An illegal ban according to a Swiss lawyer

The sales of e-liquid containing nicotine is not legal in Switzerland. According to Helvetic Vape, this could even be the case much longer. Yet several managers of specialized outlets have been braving the ban for several months, tells the site 20 minutes. This is particularly the case Stefen Meile, head of the society InSmoke.

The manager does not fear any judicial sanctions, as he relies on the analysis of a Genevan lawyer who conducted a Helvetic expertise on the vape. The latter concluded that the ban was illegal because, he said, electronic cigarettes can not be classified as Food Products, contrary to the assumption by public health authorities.

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) announced on November 12th that the sale of nicotine liquids was strictly forbidden in the Confederation. The institution has justified this measure by saying that these substances could lead to addiction and that passive vaping was harmful.

Stefen Meile said the new law that will apply in 2018 will allow the sale of that products banned today. Furthermore, the boss of InSmoke explained that a report commissioned by the FSVO showed the positive impact of the electronic cigarette on public health.


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