UD is a brand that I really appreciate, and it has been like this since the beginning, in 2013. Quality insurance and reasonable prices, they are also very often innovative and demonstrate a vivid imagination to atomize the liquid. The Mini Goblin, has UD’s DNA with its connection in 510 and its drip tip.

With a capacity of 3 ml and a diameter of 22mm, the Mini Goblin surprised first by its low height of only 40mm, drip tip included. Talking right away about annoying things. The original drip tip, made of glass (why?), is held by silicone gaskets, not really efficient. When dry, it’s no problem, but when they are wet it becomes complicated. An adapter in 510 is provided, but it suffers from the same problem.

For everything else, the Mini Goblin is a tiny rebuildable atomizer tank equipped with a high-performance double coil. Furnished with a spare pyrex tank, and chamber reducer which allows it to operate as a single coil, the kit is very complete for a tight price of 30 €.

Simple to operate, it delivers flavors like the best atomizers on the market and offers the possibility of making dense volutes. This lightweight is comfortable in all disciplines.

Finally, a compact tank atomizer, not always easy to fill up because the liquid must be added through the filler plug placed under the tank. It is however easy to clean and possesses a drip tip a little bit too loose, in my opinion. Setting the airflow is very simple and discreet, the price is very tight. A reference, congratulations UD.


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