Two rings of airflow, a diameter of 23mm, 5ml capacity and a flawless building quality, the little edgy brother of the GS2 can not deny its origins. A pyrex tank protected by a metal tube perforated of rectangular windows, underlined by the fine knurling, now the signature of Taifun. Fans are on home soil.

Wiring the plateau, again, makes no surprise. Two pads, an airflow located under the coil and adjusted by the bottom ring, and a lateral airflow system operated by a second ring will provide an open draugh or focus on flavors at a lower power. Relatively simple to install, it is however necessary to understand how driver-atomizers work and to adjust the size of the mesh straws depending on the viscosity of your e-liquid and your draugh (just like all bottom coil atomizers).

With a selling price of €139, it is certainly not the cheapest in its class but of an irreproachable manufacturing quality, true to the brand’s spirit. In 23mm, it will fit perfectly on a Skarabäus Pro or a Mini Vapor giant. A 23/22 reducing ring will make the use of GSL on 22mm tube mods possible.


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