Earlier, this month, a Royal Decree was published referring to “the manufacturing and the marketing of e-cigarettes”. The text is a transposition of the EU TPD for the e-cigarette in the Belgian law.

After this publication, the Belgian vaper, Chantal Genneaux, is angry against the government and she wants to let the Minister of Public Health, Maggie De Block, know about it. She also exhorts officials to cancel the Royal Decree so that the access to e-cigarettes remains easy, especially for disabled persons.

To sign the petition:
Pétition de soutien à la cigarette électronique

Here below is a translation of her text:

Dear Madame the Minister,

I wonder if, as a doctor, you have thought about the consequences for the electronic cigarette!
How many deaths due to smoking?
How much health care do people who are unfortunately addicted to tobacco pay? As well as the government?
Now, have you ever seen people died because of the e-cig? So far none in the world!!!
You take instructions without worrying about the experiences of people who got rid of this dependence using e-cigs and associated vaping products!
You talk about nicotine? Well, let’s talk about it!!
In patches, in chewing gum, there is nicotine and it is sold over the counter, and they are easy to obtain!
With the e-cig, although it’s a great product to get out of smoking, you squeeze manufacturers and retailers with taxes and complex procedures. And all this despite no issue!
You play the game of Big Pharma and the lethal Big Tobacco industries!
How can retailers get out of this? How can disable persons have access to the products if the online sale is prohibited?

We all vapers, call for the cancellation of this unjust and lamentable Decree that our government has taken without pondering on the consequences!
Thank you for your attention
An angry Vaper!



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