Gérard Dubois is one of five authors of the report at the origin of the French Evin law against smoking, in 1991.

In a plain page article, the Pr Gerard Dubois, former President of the French National Committee against Smoking, and Honorary President of the Alliance against tobacco, explains to his readers that the e-cigarette is “useful for the reduction of mortality and morbidity caused by tobacco”, evaluated 95% less dangerous than the latter by England and “acclaimed by smokers.”

[ Electronic cigarette ] does not participate in a smoking initiation of children and adolescents.
Dismissing the gateway to smoking effect, he stressed that the e-cigarette is “almost exclusively used by smokers or former smokers who fear of relapsing” and contributed “in France and in England, to a decline in tobacco sales”.


Questionings publicized but unfounded.
The “toxicity of the e-cigarette is much lower than that of the tobacco smoke” but legislation and implementation of current regulations, however, are necessary to ensure the safety of a product praised by smokers and to adjust its use.


The fear of an incentive to not comply with smoking bans

The use in public could lead to not to respect smoking bans imposed by the Evin law, dreads Gérard Dubois, who claims a broad consensus of public health actors to request the prohibition of vaping where smoking is also prohibited.

Recent advertising campaigns, including on television, hit “smokers, non-smokers, children and adolescents”, he writes. Any advertising and promotion of this product should be banned, he wrote again, “except in its use as stopping method if it is recognized”.

“The final and complete abstinence”

Despite the reserves expressed in the article published on Monday, the apprehension of the Emeritus Professor of Public Health appears to be changing with time. In 2013, he was concerned about the presence of flavorings that “may constitute an additional attraction means”, he stated. In March 2015, the interest of the e-cigarette was to tend to the “complete and final abstinence”. Today it appears useful to former smokers who are afraid to relapse.

Thoughts and positions of experts and advocates will be debated on May 9, 2016 at the Vape Summit that will be held in Paris at the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM) with many public health actors, and that we will follow with great interest.


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