eGo by Joyetech, all-in-one, a global solution, smart and autonomous

Early 2015, I was discovering with you the Ego One by JoyeTech, one of the first, simple and powerful kits to initiate and probably satisfy new comers. JoyeTech also proposed us, in a different style but sill as a kit, the eGrip, a beautiful object and an innovative concept.

It is not JoyeTech’s first attempt and the brand is prepared to comply with the implementation of the new European regulation.

Joyetech offers us a mastery festival for its manufacturing quality and its creativity to elegantly secure this vaporizer. More recently, in February 2016, I was testing and also awarded a 4/5 the new Cubis by JoyeTech that was innovative in many areas. This AIO eGo reuses, adjusts and complements the whole system of the Cubis in this small and discreet kit.

A serene vape with security and simplicity

Joyetech was my first favorite brand when I became an exclusive vaper and I am pleased, today, to offer you this eGo AIO in test, that integrates all the elements necessary for a serene vape, with security and simplicity. I can not tally the number of persons “outdated” by the technical requirements of the vape. It was easier to smoke than to vape, and this technical aspect is what I enjoy. Try it by yourself.

This AIO Ego is well-born, well made ​​and intelligently thought as a global and autonomous solution, even if it is true that the capacity of 2 ml will oblige users to fill it up frequently, especially as the coil of 0.6 Ω is pretty greedy.

A tank of 2 ml, child-proof, smart and backlight design, impeccable finish by Joyetech: A success and a good successor for the old eGo One

This Joyetech eGo AIO by JoyeTech is a set provided with a battery pack, a clearomizer, a coil and a USB cable for something around €30. It brings this highly competitive rates all required to vape in a small space and let’s face quite enticing .

In one year, JoyeTech surpassed all concurrents with small and affordable kits but not only, when you consider the whole range of its products. A smart come back.

The packaging is perfect as always.

The set is beautifully presented and it has everything you need to start vaping. The reduced price is pretty amazing considering the quality of the offer.

You’ll get a spare Pyrex drip-tip  and a coil, for the same price. And this time if this is your first purchase, I would advise you to buy 2 of them to charge one as you use the other.

It’s another great performance from JoyeTech to have integrated the characteristics of the promising Cubis in such a small volume. By the way, this small size also brings it its main flaw: An excessive heat after for five consecutive puffs.

The box content is more than correct for the price. You ‘ll find a USB cable, a spare coil, a Pyrex drip-tip and a user manual that does not require you to use a magnifying glass.

As always with JoyeTech, the assembly is very good, all appears as a sort of mini mod that you can easily hide in the palm of your hand.

The thread is acceptable and the airflow adjustment ring works but it will not be the highlight of this eGo because, as for Cubis, the airflow is limited by the air intake resistance itself. Therefore even when the airflow, tightened to its maximum, reduces the air intake, it does not really change the pattern of your vape. Its 0.6 Ω coils are aerial enough but no more.

You will need an expert sight to notice the two tiny dots that indicate the max airflow when face to face. But the essential is not there.

The fire button is a square of plastic that is easily falls under the fingers. This is slightly above the battery and is easily detectable in the dark. Its use is agreable and I found no jingling noise in use.

In terms of colors, you will be able to light up your tank in 7 different colors. Especially useful because it will allow you to easily check the level of liquid in the tank. And with this small capacity is a real advantage. Believe me the 2 ml are really quickly vaporized.

This is certainly a success in terms of design, usability and simplification.

Even the black marks are not just there to look pretty but they also show that the fluid level is not exceeded during filling.

Add to that a complete absence of leak from the bottom, as in the Cubis, and you have the keys to a future bestseller.

Technical features

The main features of the eGo AIO are:

  • 1 plastic fire on the top of the battery (On and Off by 5 quick presses)
  • 1 childproof top cap (push to open)
  • Automatic variable wattage
  • No thread
  • Weight: 75 g (full)
  • Diameter: 19 mm
  • USB charging (no cover)
  • 1 Delrin drip-tip and 1 glass drip-tip glass covered with an anti-heat layer
  • Display of remaining battery by a flashing LED
  • Material: plastic/stainless steel
  • User manual
  • Usb cable
  • Length: 118 mm
  • Capacity: 2 ml
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • 5 colors available
  • Coil: 0.6 Ω with central airflow

Simple Use, ideal filling system and a battery life of 3 hours provided you refill your tank 2 to 3 times

After 5 Press on the button, a micro LED lights on and shows the volume in your tank. It’s convenient, classy but rather conspicuous. But JoyeTech has thought about everything and included an unlit stealth mode, very useful in dark environments.

As for the eGo One and it is also criticism, JoyeTech offers in its starting pack resistances too low. Here it one finds 0.6 Ω in stainless steel. Of course, they work pretty well and maybe even too well for such a small atomizer with a limited airflow.

This resistance heats very quickly and will naturally communicate the heat to the top cap that can become a bit too hot hair in chain puffs.

Fortunately, the drip-tip does its job even though I would have liked it longer not to touch the top cap. Let me add that this coil obviously consumes a lot of liquid.

The average battery life of my setup ranged between 3h00 and 3h30 with the 0.6 Ω coil. In summary, I vaped approximately 4 to 5 ml in 3 or 4 hours. These are obviously averages. It heavily consumes but with such a very simple filling system, is less painful than with other kits.

As for child safety system, I discuss its usefulness but I would only bring back that it makes screwing the top cap less simple after filling.

Finally, to finish on a compliment to JoyeTech, the staff managed to correct the principal weakness of the Cubis, an unpleasant liquid lift up after each refill, during the first 3 or 4 puffs. The drip-tip, whose interior is twisted, seems to have something to do with this.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Ultra easy filling
  • Trendy and attractive design
  • Tank backlit
  • Lightweight
  • Complete set for an immediate start
  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Choice of 2 different drip-tip
  • USB charging on the side
  • Operating manual in different languages
  • Price and value for money

The “-“:

  • A 0.6 Ω coil that transmits too much heat to the top cap
  • too small volume of liquid but complies with new EU TPD regulations
  • Too hot steam beyond 4 to 5 puffs
  • Airflow too noisy
  • Coil’s price too high
  • Low battery alert late too


Rating 4.5/5: This surely will be a hit for JoyeTech. Beautiful mastery including the tariff. Congratulations! Its small volume, its usability and “all-in-one” characteristics are real advantages. It just missed the 5/5 because of its too hot subohm coils. But it is also clear that this defect could be corrected by using a coil type closer to 1 Ω. Hurry up!

Manufacturing quality
Value for money
Vape quality
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ego-aio-by-joyetechIt just missed the 5/5 because of its too hot subohm coils. Nevertheless, the eGo AIO is an "all-in-one" for beginners and vapers looking for simplicity and efficiency. The 2 ml tank is a requirement of the EU TPD, a bit too small, but it is the price to pay to be compliant.
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