Steam and rendering of flavors are there

Small stainless steel cylinder, the ceramic SSOCC atomizer head by Kanger contains a vertical Kanthal coil of 0.5 Ω coated with ceramic which is wrapped in an organic cotton band.

Around, there are two major inlets for liquids a large one (4 mm diameter) and a smaller one (2 mm). Basically, four large air inlets ventilate the coil and provide a beautiful steam.

The manufacturer recommends using 35 to 60 watts. It is suitable for the Nano Subtank, the Mini Subtank, the Toptank Mini Toptank Nano, the Nebox , as well as kits Topbox Mini and Subvod.

I tested it on a Mini Subtank, first generation. At 35 watts, it was the lower limit of efficiency. Above 40 watts, the SOCC began to deliver its full potential.

Fond of the indirect vape, I tried to find my sweet spot by adjusting the airflow. On the small hole, the vapor heated too quickly, as did the whole atomizer. By setting it on the two holes, it became more fun.

50 watts otherwise … not much

The Subtank being an atomizer very aerial, the vape is definitely more enjoyable by direct inhalation with the airflow set on the Cyclops, wide open, and an adjusted power between 50 and 60 watts. At this stage, the SOCC delivered big clouds, very dense and tasty. Rendering is astonishing even for the Mini Subtank, not really recognized for that.

In indirect vape, the coil will hardly have time to heat even at 60 watts, or the puffs must be chained so that the coil does not drop in temperature. In any case, logically the atomizer heats up quickly and can become hot.

The Kanger SSOCC ceramic coil are available in France at about 3.50 euros per unit and around 17 euros per pack of 5.

Technical Review

The essential features are:

  • Resistance of 0.5 Ω in Kanthal,
  • coated with ceramic,
  • wrapped in organic cotton.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Dense steam,
  • Good rendering of flavors, no bad taste.

The “-“:

  • Only works with powerful mods,
  • Direct inhalation is almost mandatory ,
  • The atomizer warms quickly,
  • E-liquid consumption according to the requested power.


Rating 3.5 /5. The ceramic SSOCC atomizer by KangerTech perfectly plays out its role, but it should be used in good conditions. A model with a minimum power delivery of 70 watts is required, below, the autonomy will be too restricted. Indirect inhalation (mouth to lung) lovers will hardly find a satisfactory vaping comfort. In revenge, direct inhalation lovers will be delighted. Thick clouds and excellent rendering of flavors are guaranteed.

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