On a dynamic market, like the vape, a reviewer is naturally not able to try all the new releases and sometimes misses real successes. This is what could have happened to me with this atomizer, without a discussion with Florent and the Pipeline team.

With their wise advice, I happily looked at this rebuildable atomizer, somewhat “underground”. But here, no stick effect, just vape enthusiasts who thought their product very well. This atomizer is in its fourth version, with a new tank in Pyrex on the same basis as the previous V3.5 version, which had modified and enlarged the airflow compared to the previous Flash e-vapor V3.

A vape champion

This atomizer is now for me the champion of a vape that I love and defend, a vape with a high rendering of flavors, a moderate temperature and a real steam thickness rather than a volume. I found with this rebuildable the missing link between my GTII Air and my drippers, or the recent Bellus.

This Flash e-vapor V4 is of a unique design that deserves to be in the spotlight, and despite what may suggest discussions over 350 pages on forums, its assembly is not that difficult.

It looks complicated and yet its technique offers instead a high tolerance without any leakage. one just needs to understand how to operate it, a kind of automatic dripper with the tank above the mounting base that “magically” releases the few drops to wet the coil. A coil that remains easily accessible for checking and correcting, if necessary, any suspicious taste.

Leave a chance to this product and you will be delighted.

The rendering of flavors of a dripper without its constraints

Flash e- vapor V4, the ultimate atomizer that brings the taste of a dripper without power issues, without leaks, without the bindings, without liquid lifts in the mouth, and all in a pure German reliability.

The basic principle of this Flash e-vapor is to feed the cotton wick with liquid from the above, maintaining a sufficient lateral airflow to avoid burning the coil. It is therefore necessary, in order to best use this excellent atomizer, to understand the path of the liquid through the two holes -drivers- from the top of the mounting base and path of the lateral airflow from only one side. The marker is the small tab that allows snap the mount onto the base.

FEV-V4-028This Flash e-vapor V4 is in my view designed for a single coil but the adjustable airflow through the use of cannulated screws with different diameters will also allow dual coil assemblies and direct aspiration without any problems.

In this respect, I was a little afraid at the beginning because I thought there was not enough air for my liquid but it is clear that with my standard installation and the biggest screw, that of 2.1 mm, this airflow proved to be perfectly adequate for my daily use.

Continuing with easy of use, indeed that Flash e-vzpor V4 is easily filled, without any pipette, like the Taifun GTII or a Subtank Plus by Kangertech, by unscrewing the tank and flipping it upside down to add the 6 ml. The L version will even accept 8 ml.

Finally the airflow system and the configuration of the wide mount filled with cotton prevent any possibility of liquid leakage via the airflow located at good distance from the bottom

This atomizer is one of the most reliable I’ve ever used, even my ex-favorite GTII could sporadically have inexplicable and few leaks.

Permanent access to the mount and very assembly of the simple coil provided the understanding of the feeding mechanism of air and liquid

To assemble this Flash e-vapor V4, you will discover a wide mount with just two pads topped with two reasonably large screws.

Nothing new and nothing more simple, you simply screw your coil onto the pads. My first coil immediately worked but was a little too high for my taste, with a 1.2 Ω. The pads are quite distant and therefore the legs are long. Allow one or two laps less than usual.

The only point, at this stage, that deserves your attention is the position of the airflow you localize with the small stop, at the bottom.

I have a little off-centered my coil towards the air supply, but not much. This will depend on your taste but be assured that this mount is easily accessible because you just have to unclip the bottom to access the coil and to move it more or less move from the center towards the airflow.

Indeed, the mount is not screwed on the base but clipped and sealing is securized via two o-rings, like the Bellus, for example, with the advantage, here, that when you re-fill, you are not obliged to uncover the coil.

A liquid supply via two “drivers” located just above the coil

The distinctiveness and uniqueness of this great atomizer is the liquid supply that is done via two drivers located just above the coil.

The bell that comes between the mount and the tank has the particularity, in addition to the chimney, to be pierced with two small holes. Holes through which the liquid will pass and that will have to be reduced in the diameter with a small piece of string, provided with the set. I have not used it because I studied my subject and, like most savvy users, I rather used the two metal mesh.

So, cut two strips of Mesh -not supplied- by 7 cm 5/7 mm wide that you roll in your hands so as to leave a small hole of the diameter of a needle or a paper clip. My Mesh 400 or 200 perfectly fitted in. Then, position your two small logs in these two holes, taking care not to crush them.

This small strips of mesh also allow to fully adapt to liquids, more or less fat. Finally, simply enlarge the inner hole by reducing 5/6 cm to your band.

Voila , ensure that these two small metal straws come against your cotton. Observe that these holes are facing the fixing screws of your coil. These screws must always be covered with cotton. So allow long whiskers, for a good coverage, that end up in contact of the mount if too much fluid happened to come out.

By positioning the cotton after generously moisturizing it, remember the path of the airflow. I have put the cotton ends on the other side so as not to obstruct the flow of air and allow enough ventilation of my coil that was moved slightly to the hole.

The result had been a success at each assembly and at the first time, a delightful taste.

A wide spectrum lateral airflow, less noisy and more than enough to cool the chamber

You’ll actually have four possibilities for settings for your airflow. Three posiibilities by using each of the threes screws, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm and 2.1 mm, and a fourth possibility by using no screw (around 3 mm). This airflow will then be adequate for those who want it straight but also aerial enough to allow direct inhalation.

I chose the 2.1 mm screw that offered me the best compromise between reduced noise and good ventilation. I really liked the 2.1 mm even if it is smaller than what I am used to. It is, for example, smaller than the GTII Air, a Bellus or Vapor Giant.

A outsized design and a German manufacturing that justifies its high price

Made of stainless steel with a perfect finish, it is difficult to criticise on this point even with its high price. This atomizer is well manufactured and uses high quality materials. The threads are the best I’ve met so far.

The design is more related to the functionality than to the beauty of the curves, but who’s complaining when taking into account the incredible performance of this Flash e-vapor. And besides that, this functional stacked design fits very well with a Pipeline PRO2 or any box in 23 mm, for example. The look of all our reconstructible becomes somewhat similar, no?

Take a look also at the huge notched ring to hold your set up or loosen your atomizer. It’s the same for the smaller bottom ring of the tank, very useful to loosen your tank every time you fill it.

Technical features

  • Size (with drip tip): 81 mm
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Weight: 96 g
  • Connectors: 510 adaptable (screw)
  • Drip-tip : Type 510
  • Capacity: 6 ml and 8 ml L version
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 3 Tanks: pyrex/stainless steel/polycarbonate
  • Resistance: Dual coil or single coil
  • Air inlet: adjustable via 3 drilled screws 1.2 mm / 1.4 mm and 2.1 mm
  • 1 accessories pouch: Ortmann Fiber (0.5 m), NiCr resistance wire in 32 mm (0.5 m), cotton wick (0.25 m), a needle.
  • 1 eurocent to unscrew the air chimney
  • 2 x O-rings 18×1 (chamber, base)
  • 2 x O-rings 19 × 1.5 (tank)
  • 1 x O-ring 10.5 × 1 (bottom chimney)
  • 2 x O-rings 6 × 1 (top chimney, drip-tip)
  • 2 x screws (mounting base)

The best atomizer that I have ever used and tested to date, including the all-days. The performance is remarkable, the vape is dense and of quality, and rendering of your favorite flavors at the optimum.

I’ve tested a lot of atomizers and I must admit that the Flash e-vapor V4 is good everywhere.

Certainly, it is not designed to make huge clouds, and that’s okay, but it provides dripper-like vape without all their issues. This is certainly a thoughtful atomizer to be usable all the time and anywhere.

Its design makes it strong and even if you break the pyrex tank, two replacement tanks are included in the initial kit, including the steel one that makes it the indestructible but of course does not allow viewing of the liquid level.

The only restriction that I could find is that in use with dual coil I had to remove the screw to increase the airflow. But in this configuration, direct inhalation produces an unpleasant whistling.

The second tip, during disassembly, is to understand that it is necessary to unscrew the central chimney with the coin to separate it from the top cap. This will be essential when switching to an intermediate tank, for example.

A delightfully quiet vape

The vape provided by this atomizer is a pleasure, it is what one we might call a “good father’s vape” in the sense that quality is more important than quantity.

The vape will not be warm but balanced and you will never have the horrible and unpleasant sensation of agglutination of the low range or poorly designed atomizers.

One must also bear in mind that Flash e-vapor V4 is not made for chain puffing because in that case you will gradually lose what makes it a champion, namely the excellent rendering of flavors.

For my last statement, do not rely on the catastrophic packaging that Flash e-vapor, it genuinely hides a great atomizer.

In Summary

The “+”:

  • High level rendering quality,
  • Smart liquid supply system with a driver,
  • Easy filling,
  • Design allowing easy operation,
  • Adaptable Airflow, great aerial potential,
  • Easy coil mounting and access to the base,
  • Tank volume from 6 to 8 ml for the L version,
  • 510 adjustable connection pin,
  • German manufacturing quality.

The “-“:

  • Atomizer not enough advertised, too confidential,
  • Slightly whistling Airflow system when the screw is removed,
  • Length when considered with the drip-tip,
  • Slight slack in the drip-tip,
  • Consumption.


Rating of 4.6/5. This is the first time I rank a rebuildable atomizer 5/5 in almost all domains despite the slight but necessary learning step to best exploit the Flash e-vapor V4 for a long time. It well worth the investment. Enjoy!!


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Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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Reviewer for the past 3 years, I've tried most of the popular products available on the market. My conclusion about the best vaporizer ? The one that simply fits your need and makes you forget tobacco.
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5 years ago

Hello Denis, this is Echo. I love your article. Wanna know how to get in touch with you regarding business. My email is echo@coil-master.net

4 years ago

Hello Denis, your right about the FeV. I bought it last week for 145,90€ at Arturs(the FeV Constructor) Store in Recklinghausen (Ruhr Area).
About the Whistling without the screw, i have a small Tip for you. Take a piece of Mesh and make a small roll, put it into the Airhole and the whistling is gone.
How much you pay for your FeV include shipping, this interesting me.
best regards from Germany

Reply to  Oliver
4 years ago

Dear Olivier, thank you for your comment and your hint for this case of light whistle that I will try. For the price it is the excellent store Pipeline which distributes it in France and excatement at the same price as with you.
I wish you a nice day.

Darren Bentley
Darren Bentley
4 years ago

What an excellent review
This is one serious underated unknown tank in my area

Reply to  Darren Bentley
4 years ago

Tanks you Darren.