Last March 3, 2016, the Belgian Moniteur published a Royal Decree, for many vapers and electronic cigarette retailers sounded the death knell for the product in Belgium. The shops had 10 days to comply with the new rules, which would have led some of them to destroy the stocks or to shut the curtain. To prepare their response, the vapers created the Union Belge pour la Vape (UBV),  while professionals committed themselves on the legal field without delay.

Determined to fight, David Diaz and Kevin, co-managers of the Temple of Vape partnered with Didier Willot from Air Chic. Together and supported by about 20 other retailers [1], they filed in emergency an appeal with a suspensive effect in the State Council. This institution ruled in their favor and, until the modification of the text, prevails the situation before the Royal Decree.

Interviewed by phone, David Diaz , said he was delighted with the result and decided to continue to uphold this risk reduction device, but it will first study in detail the 45-page State Council’s judgment.

[1] Belgacig – Bel’vap – Cumulus – Fun’Vape – Goodboro – Inspire Vape Store – New Life-Fog – New Smoke Sensation – Smoker 2.0 – Smoke and Smile – Smoking Vape – Sweet Smoke – Vap’one – Vapocig – Vapo Style – VIP Corner.

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4 years ago

Our fight goes on .