For a specific regulation of electronic cigarettes and snus

After examination of the draft proposal issued by the Federal Council, the Committee on Social Security and Public Health Of the States Council (CSSS-E) considered that the restrictions on advertising, promotion and sponsorship went too far and decided to return the draft tobacco products Control Act (LPTab) to the Federal Council.

The Committee reported the misunderstanding of some members to see applied to “electronic cigarettes containing nicotine the same regulations (…) as for conventional cigarettes, yet much more harmful.”

In a press release published on its website, the association Helvetic Vape welcomes this decision and the recommendations of the CSSS-E to treat vapor products separately from tobacco products.

For the Swiss association, it was “difficult to understand why the same restrictions would apply to products with different risk profiles” and, as refers to Public Health England’s report that considers these products at least 95% less dangerous than smoking tobacco products.

Helvetic Vape invites the Federal Council to consider a regulation based on nicotine consumption patterns

Helvetic Vape suggests the Federal Council to change its approach and take into account the different risk profiles of nicotine consumption.

For the association, this innovative approach “would put Switzerland at the forefront of risk and damage reduction in this field”. Such a law on nicotine would be “easily understood by anyone” and would have “a significant positive impact on public health”.


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Lisbet Supermainn Fjølstad
Lisbet Supermainn Fjølstad
5 years ago

way to go Switzerland (Y) 🙂
why doesent the rest of EU follow in your footsteps?

Reply to  Lisbet Supermainn Fjølstad
5 years ago

Because Switzerland isn’t in the EU and by that they will not have to adhere to anything in the TPD.