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Limitless RDTA by Ijoy

Released last May, the hybrid RDTA Limitless atomizer comes from a collaboration between the American modders of Limitless Mod Company and the Chinese brant Ijoy. A true steam machine, this dripper with a tank is also proposed to a very attractive price. Not ideal for beginners.


Shaped for big clouds

The Limitless RDTA is a hybrid. In fact, it adopts the basics of a dripper to which the designers added a tank for autonomy. Very wide (24.2 mm), the Limitless is a top-coil, built on a Velocity-type mounting plate wit 2 plots and 4 inputs.

Its drip-top, with a diameter of 11 mm, sets the tone: this RDTA is made for big clouds, what is confirmed by the two huge cyclopean airflows of 17 mm long and 1 mm wide. The size can be changes by rotating the drip-top, it moves smoothly and does its job. It is vain to try to close it for an indirect vape because with such a diameter, the drip-top is not adapted to this use. This Limitless is a veritable steam locomotive, designed to satisfy the most aerial vapers.

Good to know, the Kennedy drip-tops in 22 mm and 24 mm or the Griffin from Geek Vape are fully compatible with the Limitless.

The mounting plate, Velocity-type, is equipped with two plots and four 2 mm-wide inputs that accept any king of resistive wires, even the thick Clapton or Twisted ones. Four grooves on each side of the plate are designed for the wicks to dip into the tank. Limiteless and Ijoy have also done a very good job with a gold-plated 510 brass pin insulated with Peek.

For this test, I used the two Kanthal double twisted pre-built coils provided with the spare kit. The plate is wide (17 mm) and mounting the two coils was very easy. The resistance obtained by this mounting was 0.34 Ω. When closing the top cap, make sure that the airflows are located below the coils for a better rendering of flavors. If it is not the case, do not hesitate to lift a little bit the two coils, there is enough room in the chamber. The wick was a Fiber Freaks 2, pretty well adapted to this setup.

The filling is very smart: just lift the top cap located around the plate and you will see an opening on the ring that fits on the 4-ml Pyrex tank. A mark of the form of a little drop is painted on the ring.

Technical review

The main characteristics are :

  • 1 RDTA atomizer,
  • 1 Pyrex tank,
  • Volume: 4 ml,
  • 1 mounting plate Velocity-type with four inputs
  • 1 510 pin in glod-plated brass, adjustable with a Peek insulator
  • 1 derlin drip-top
  • 1 spare kit containing two Kanthal twisted coils, six O-rings, 2 screws abd two Allen keys
  • Inox, Delrin, Peek and Pyrex
  • Height: 51,2 mm
  • Diameter: 24,2 mm
  • Weight: 80 g

Not very friendly with direct inhalation, I slowly increased the power to finally find my best settings, 48 W and half-closed airflows. Of course, the Limitless can accept much more power; I even reached up to 100 W without any problem. But at this power, vapor is too hot and the flavors degraded.

The top cap is short, the Delrin does the job but with long puffs, chained, it gets very hot. Lips are 2 cm away from the coils, in fact. I have never been worried by spits of liquid and I did not have to deplore any leakage.

Limiteless RDTA mounted on Cuboid
Limitless RDTA mounted on Cuboid

Vaping is of course powerful. The Limitless produces a lot of steam, the rendering of flavors is excellent as long as the power remains in a reasonable range. Vapers who are not used to this type of atomizer will have to remember to lower their nicotine strength compared to more classical setups. As an expected consequence of the power used with the dual coil mounting, the consumption of e-liquid is high and the 4 milliliters of the tank are not too much. Such device makes the DIY necessary for an everyday use, otherwise one must have a XXL purse.

In Summary

The “+”:

  • A true vaping machine
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • One spare Pyrex tank
  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Smart filling system
  • Easy mounting
  • Good price

The “-“:

  • High consumption
  • Dual coil mounting mandatory
  • No adaptor for 510 Drip-tip


Rating 4.4/5. The Limitless RDTA is good at doing what it is made for, like producing big tasty clouds. One can always ask for more and reproach a lack of polyvalence. With an adaptor for a 510 drip-tip and the ability of use it with only one coil for tighter vaping, it would have been close to perfection. Besides that, aerial vaping lovers will probably be seduced by this dripper with a tank, of a good manufacturing quality and at a reasonable price.

Value for money
Vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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limitless-rdta-by-ijoyThe Limitless RDTA is good at doing what it is made for, like producing big tasty clouds. Aerial vaping lovers will probably be seduced by this dripper with a tank, of a good manufacturing quality and at a very reasonable price.
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Blake W
Blake W
6 years ago

Did you have any trouble connecting the limitless to your cuboid? I have a 150 watt and I can’t get mine to screw in.