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French vape shop enters the hospital to educate the staff

Together, let's beat cancer - Curie Institute

La Pause Vapeur (“The vapor pause”), it is the name of this Parisian vape shop that was solicited in the suburbs of Paris by the hospital, Center René Huguenin in Saint-Cloud (no, it’s not a joke, this city exists), to demonstrate the use of personal vaporizers to its staff during smoking prevention days.

Translation: “In the framework of its actions to prevent smoking, our vape shop has been solicited on June 2 by the Hospital René Huguenin of St-Cloud (Center for cancer treatment and detection belonging to the Curie Institute) to present and explain the operation of the different  e-cigarette models to the staff.

An initiative that has been welcomed by the tobacco expert Jacques Le Houezec and many other vapers.

Last April, the French Academy of Medicine released a report that sealed the Ministry of Health’s official position in favor of the personal vaporizer as a harm reduction tool. A position that has been displayed also by the Curie Institute.

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