From mice to cows

the-sunThe Sun ‘newspaper’ has just released a story quoting from a study where the author conveniently forgets to mention that this research is old, and its type with regard to cell studies and their relevance to vaping have been thoroughly debunked, over and over, by experts in the field.

The Daily Mail appear to belong to the same herd, indeed they have all been ‘lying’ contentedly in the spring sunshine chewing the cud – repeating the same tired old line that somehow e-cigarettes; that vaping can somehow damage the immune system.

What the papers fail to stress is that studies on mice and other cell studies just do not translate into real life threats for health in humans.

This begs the questions, why do these researchers persist in presenting junk science? And why does the media persist in broadcasting this garbage? More importantly what is the effect of this thoughtless reporting?

Vaping in wonderland

As Alice fell down a rabbit hole into a wonderful crazy world of mad hatters and decapitating monarchs, Tobacco Control / Pharma / FDA influenced and funded researchers and a huge section of the world media seem to have slipped down into the dark, dismal, dirty little world of the mouse hole.

quoteThey make outrageous claims about some fictitious, contrived danger from vaping based on little more than cell studies. Discussing an earlier study, it was noted that… “The truth is that Clinical studies on cell tissues and mice are NOT scientifically valid or appropriate for assessing potential risks (or benefits) to humans… And of course, the lazy, stupid and gullible news reporters repeated and further exaggerated…” (Godshal)

I realise that the vapers reading this will have spotted that I have switched from one study (reported) and an earlier one, however it just may be that some employee of the tabloid press is reading this, so I have decided to point it out: It is so very dark when you are down a mouse hole.

But there is a connection and its significance is revealed when you see who are involved in this ‘conspiracy.’ (See illustration) And yes, that is exactly what it is.

This gang have been responsible for a hysterical media onslaught against vaping.

The unknown truth

Have a look at some of the headlines which have been generated. And keep in mind, all based on studies which carry no more weight than e-cigarette vapour.

Put that in your e-cigarette and smoke it, or should you?Science Daily: “ E-cigarettes ‘raise the risk of infection by damaging hundreds of genes in the immune system.Mail Online: “Vaping linked to host of new health risks.Science News: “IMMUNE CELLS ALERT Vaping could increase the risk of infection ‘as it damages immune system cells.Sun:

And all of this based on the work of a ‘researcher’ who says, “how vaping flavoured e-cigs modifies respiratory immune responses is completely unknown.Ilona Jaspers. Oh aye! So something completely unknown can produce the headlines above?

Jaspers also states that, ‘e-cigarettes use should not be compared to smoking.’ Strange thing to claim considering that nearly all vapers are former smokers. I think she means that she does not WANT vaping to be compared to smoking. And there are others who take a more sensible outlook. ““The relative harm compared to real smoking is the critical point here, since the majority of vapers use e-cigarettes to cut down or quit smoking,” says Marcus Munafò of the University of Bristol, UK.”

But the most important point of all is the real harm being done to existing smokers who might want to switch to vaping but do not because of the irresponsibility of third rate researchers prompting third rate reporters working for third rate news outlets to scare present smokers out of taking an action which could, according to some, save 50% of them from smoking related illness and premature death, and they do all of this for personal / corporate gain.

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6 years ago

Irresponsible and very misleading crap they keep dumping. 5 stomachs has a cow? I think they may be done soon 😉