On 12-13 August Czech Republic will host an event that will gather all representatives and leaders of vape community – VAPESHOW Prague 2016. During the two-day event famous speakers will cover issues that worry every businessman and owner of vape shop:

  • What are the development prospects of vaping market in Czech Republic;
  • What changes occurred in the legislative regulation of vaping after The Tobacco Products Directive came into effect;
  • How to register an electronic vaporizer as a medical device on the territory of the EU;
  • How to correctly promote and develop a marketing strategy for vape business;
  • How to establish contacts with suppliers of quality products for electronic vaping;
  • What problems exist in vaping market today and how to solve them.

Organizer of the exhibition-conference VAPESHOW Prague 2016 is Smile-Expo Company, which has a long record of organizing such industry events.

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This event will allow attendees to better understand the current state of vaping in Czech Republic, get to know actual statistics of vapers in this country, get acquainted with methods of business promotion, and establish business contacts.

For two days the most influential participants of vape community will be giving presentations on the conference floor: Charly Pairaud (vice-president at Fivape), Chris Dodge (president of Global Vaping Association), Georgij Grebinskij (Euromonitor), Jacek Rajewski (Spark Lab), Norm Bour (Vape Mentors), Jorge Fernandes (Hersmec inc), Ilya Chagin (Leadmaking), and many others!

Conference VAPESHOW Prague 2016 is a great platform for investors and businessmen, who promote vape industry in Europe. Everyone will be able to learn important information and resolve issues, which earlier seemed to be unresolvable. For foreign participants of the event it is an excellent chance to enter the new market and expand business.

You can buy tickets for the conference on the official website of the event: https://www.vapeshow.cz/en/registration/.

More information about the conference program is available here: https://www.vapeshow.cz/en/conference/.

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