Behind this name is hidden Vape Forward, one of the biggest vaping product companies in the US, the same that is marketing the high-end box VaporFlask. Designed as a USB stick, Cync is a closed system that shares similarities with the Juul. The US vaping market is currently being bullied by the new FDA rules and it is in this context that the manufacturer imagined a concept that would more easily get the Agency’s marketing approval in order to “facilitate smokers’ transition from smoking to vaping”.

The Cync, declined in three versions

  • micro battery of 19 mm with a capacity of 200 mAh,
  • standard battery, longer with a capacity of 380 mAh,
  • stealth battery, box format that complies with a 1.5 ml or a 2.5 ml pod.

Great reputation juices but still expensive

The Cync also keeps the concept of sealed cartridges used by the Juul, called here “Refill Pods“, pre-filled to 1.5 or 2.5 ml with e-liquid. Compared to other Cigalikes, Cync marks its difference by offering a choice of e-liquids manufactured by renown brands: Beard Vape, Five PawnsCuttwood, Space Jam or Cosmic Fog, for example. They propose 68 references in 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 mg/ml nicotine strength.

The good news for the user of the Cync is, when compared to Big Tobacco e-liquids, that he knows what liquid he gets with these brands.

The starter kit includes a 380 mAh battery, a 1.5 ml pod and a USB cable, is sold $17.99. In revenge, purchasing refill pods might be expensive since four 2.5 ml pods cost $17.99. Even if the Cync is much less greedy in e-liquid than a mod, it remains expensive with time.

To reach the EU market, Vape Forward might have to adjust the nicotine strengths of its starter packs that currently contain 24 or 45 mg/ml, high than the EU TPD’s limit of 20 mg/ml.


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  1. Great information provided here. Very brief and straight to the point, unlike most writers. I wonder how many more of these “closed-system” vape devices are being currently designed &/or manufactured as I write this? This is very troubling to me. As a vaper, I feel making these type of devices like Cync is a business move further away from the entire culture of vaping and increasing the nicotine percentage is greatly irresponsible. Then again, it might be blatantly increased to reduce the true flavor of the eliquids. All the big name eliquids that will be offered with this device will not even taste like they should, since higher nicotine levels greatly decreases the preferred flavoring. Therefore, these devices will taste more like traditional tobacco cigarettes, only helpful for beginners, which I do not oppose since switching off tobacco-smokes is a cornerstone to nicotine-vaping, yet the beginners represent a small percentage of vapers due to the fact that most seasoned veteran vapers prefer an “open-tank” device where they, themselves (very adult-like), add the eliquid which usually does not exceed 0.3% nicotine. Most vapers will vape 3mg of nicotine due to the flavor that accompanies the lower nicotine. Literally, you’re favorite 3mg ejuice will taste much different in a 6mg version. Are these businesses selling out or buying in? Let’s hope there is a behind-the-curtains, well-thought-out strategy involved which is intended to create more vapers, attracting the beginners rather than the veteran vaper. However, what does the veteran do in the meantime? Sit back and watch our number of vapers increase to a point where we have so many supporters around the world, that we can then be able to battle the “big-money” forces who wish to rid the world of vaping. If that is somehow their strategy, then they’re genius (applause), but perhaps we should do something to help keep the number of current vapers we still have – our veteran vape enthusiasts who will never begin to taste eliquid pods containing 45mg of nicotine, that’s overkill. Once again, selling out? or buying in?

    • Buying in… Actually per a CDC report 96.5% of smokers have yet to convert to vaping. The goal is to get smokers to transition and right now they are intimidated by battery safety, (thanks to media and irresponsible users and stores not educating customers) and the sometimes intimidating culture. These are puff activated devices. Five Pawns specifically formulated their liquid to perform in these low wattage devices.

      • Thank you for the update! My stance in this topic has gone back and forth the more I learn and reflect on this situation. Currently, I believe the true purpose of Vaping is to allow a healthier alternative for smokers to quit – since Vaping is exactly how I quit smoking and dipping tobacco (overnight). When I first switched, I needed Vape pens with lower wattage and liquid with higher nicotine – so I completely understand. The comments I left nearly 1/2 a year ago were reactionary based on frustration emotionally – most likely due to feeling the pressure created by the stress of the FDA regs most vapers and business owners were also feeling. I just was dreading seeing the industry’s focus on innovation shift so quickly (I was not correct, because I was assuming the industry was now meeting the needs of the regulations and not the needs of the consumer). However, I think I made a great point that these devices would help create more Vapers – something our world desperately needs since 1 person dies from smoking every 6 seconds (“Beyond The Cloud” Documentary). Vaping is a lifestyle, a culture with so many different types of people engaging in this lifestyle who all have different preferences. Regardless, most of those former smokers who have just switched to Vaping, low wattage and higher nicotine is definitely what will allow them to stay off of traditional tobacco cigarettes . Therefore, I most definitely agree with you and would love to sample Cync and possibly write a review on it. Please feel free to inform me of any other bits of info that are worth learning. Thanks for servicing the community of Vapers!

  2. @Tony i just bought one today, got the 12mg nicotine and it’s not enough. it doesn’t hit near as harsh as a regular ecig so increased nicotine is needed to get the throat tingle and satisfy the craving. in my opinion

    • Thanks for the update. My stance on this matter has changed back and forth quite a bit about over the past 5 months since I first left my initial comment. Vaping is never just for one single purpose. It is about many. Yet the most important is to allow smokers to switch to this safer alternative. Being a vaper is a process of evolving – some could Vape for flavor, others could also Vape to quite smoking – when I first started it was so I could quit smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, now I Vape for flavor. Basicslly I Vape because it’s effective to keep me from abusing tobacco and bc it’s delicious. Thus, it is effective because it is flavorful. All devices serve an efficient purpose. I have a JUUL but I refill the cartridges with 12mg, but I’ve been Vaping for 3 yrs. When I first quit smoking I would definitely need a much higher nicotine percentage in the eliquid. Regardless, I’d love to try Cync and possibly write a review on it as I’m published regularly in 3 Vape publications. Keep on Vaping on!


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