Excellent finish and many parts available

The Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA is a bottom coil clearomizer of 23 mm with a variable capacity between 2 ml and 5 ml. As usual with Chinese manufacturers, many spare parts ar present in the box: O-rings, screws, Allen key to screw the screws on the mounting deck. Excellent finish as well, everything fits perfectly and this is fortunate because the number of parts is superior to the average.

The mounting deck is a velocity-type with four holes of 2 mm in diameter and very easy to set up. However, its width of 14 mm prevents mounting large and complex coils. Do prefer a single wire with a diameter of 2.5, to be easy. Wicking is also quick and simple, you just have to cut the cotton at 1 cm on each side and fold the tips in the liquid inlets.

The base of the Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA can be unscrewed to remove the deck without clearing the clearomizer, the idea is good but during the operation, this part does not stick to the deck and it is worth mounting the coil without this part. The problem is that when the coil is in place, there is not grip on the deck to remove it and the liquid leaks on fingers. It is maybe a small detail but it would be better without this issue.

Steam Crave provides a chamber reducer. This one is made in ceramic and allows vaping in single coil configuration. The idea is also excellent, except that with the ceramic in place, the wires must be cut very short, which is not as easy with any type of wire cutters, otherwise the reducer cannot fit. Simple wires are to be recommended in this mounting because they can be twisted so that they break just after the screw. A reducer made in soft silicon would have been a better choice.

The dual airflow system is smart with its three opening levels. It allows vaping styles from very tight to very aerial. The ring slides very softly while firmly attached to keep the right position.


Adjusting the liquid supply is achieved thanks to a ring located above the airflow system. Accessible and smartly designed, the mechanism is efficient. In revenge, it complicates the mounting: one needs to insert two small metallic parts in the holes located under the bell, then to position the liquid supply ring correctly with the openings. Finally, a second sedentary ring also bear two holes and fits on the tips. The operation is tricky and requires precision, especially with thick fingers. Keep in mind, when washing the system, that those parts can be disassembled easily and even be washed away in the sink.

Another issue due to this mechanism is the 0.5 cm gap between the bottom of the tank and the coils. A 0.5 cm that can be misleading when estimating de visu the level of liquid: the tank look empty but there remains a good quantity of liquid to vape.

For the sake of efficiency, I tested the filling with the liquid and air inlets wide open, and… no leakage! By chance will you tell? I don’t know but I felt comfortable with it.


Nothing particular for the filling that is achieved by the top, in a classic way by unscrewing the top cap, designed to optimize the grip. The openings are wide enough to cope with the largest pipettes.

Excellent vaping sensations


When mounted the atomizer, let’s vape. Tested with single coils in 0.8 Ω  and 0.45 Ω in SS316L and 2.5 mm in diameter, the Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA is very versatile and allows MTL inhalation at 22 W or DL at 33 W, even if it is more convincing in the latter. Rendering of flavors is excellent and the volume of vapor abundant. Unfortunately, it is quite noisy when air inlets are reduced.

In dual coil configuration, with 0.25 Ω at 53 W, vapor is important, dense and tasty. Delightful. Of course, this vaping style is more greedy in juice but it is noticeable that the Steam Crave’s clearomizer is heating very moderately, even in chained puffs. And this is a very good news.

Technical features of the Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA by Steam Crave:

  • Height: 53.2 mm (63 mm with drip-tip) in 5 ml – 43.2 mm (53 mm with drip-tip) in 2 ml
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Weight: 78 g
  • Capacity: 2 or 5 ml
  • Velocity-type mounting deck, four holes of 2 mm
  • Matérial: Stainless steel 304, Pyrex, Delrin and ceramic
  • Adjusrtable 510 connector
  • Colors: Metal, Black

The Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA kit contains

  • Clearomizer Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA
  • 1 kit Supreme Lite 2 ml (premounted)
  • 1 kit Supreme Lite 5 ml
  • 1 Pyrex tank 5 ml
  • Spare O-rings and screws
  • Chamber reducer
  • Silicon plug
  • Allen key
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

In Summary

The “+”:

  • Versatile
  • Excellent finish
  • No leakage, no seepage
  • Coil accessible without emptying the tank
  • Easy to mount
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • Good volume of vapor
  • Top-filling
  • Many spare parts

The “-“:

  • Complex to use (too many parts with some very tiny ones)
  • Chamber reducer in ceramic
  • Chamber too reduced for the biggest (single) coils
  • Noisy with reduced airflow


Rating of 3.9/5. This Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA could have been an excellent clearomizer with its wonderful vaping quality. Its vapor is dense and tasty. However, its narrow mounting deck and its liquid supply system with many small parts makes it hard to handle on an everyday basis. It is regrettable. I would nevertheless recommend this atomizer to patient and meticulous vapers, they will be very happy.

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