iTaste Kroma has all features available for this end of year 2016 with smart but particular design

In 2016, Innokin revisited its offer and declined its Cool Fire in with interesting models like the Cool Fire IV TC 18 650 that I am using every day, the Smartbox, a direct concurrent of the iStick by Eleaf.

As usual, iTaste Kroma keeps the features of the Cool Fire with, especially, the control of temperature and the excellent chipset Aethon 75 W. A power that is far enough for the public it is directed to and an endearing design for a compact box with a battery of 2 000 mAh.


The kit includes a brand new atomizer, SlipStream, whose name evokes the wake of an object in motion. It comes in replacement of the iSub V that I found excellent with a very good rendering of flavors. Innokin proposes in this new kit two types of resistance coils: a kanthal 0.8 Ω and a SS316L 0.5 Ω that will allow you to vape with the temperature control.

The object by itself is achieved and its screen located on a side displays all the essential informations. The usability is excellent and the grip perfect, it fits well in the palm of your hand.

Kroma embarks a built-in and non-removable battery. Note that this version is equipped with a USB plug that can be used to charge the electronic box. The commercial target is therefore the vapers who are seeking simplicity of use.

A pretty box and that comes with a new atomizer, SlipStream

This is an important information because some of you may be looking for new hardware in replacement of ageing devices. On the picture, for example, you can see the iTaste Kroma built with on of my preferred atomizers, Taifun GTIII. Innokin’s offer is a complete solution to vape in simplicity with the new atomizer SlipStream. It also includes an adaptor that allows mounting any other type of atomizer.

The finish is good for this price range, Innokin proposes now a much better quality of materials. For the Kroma, as for the last products, Innokin brings particular attention to the finish, associating soft plastic and painted aluminium.

This awesome finish contributes to its grip and confers a much pleasant touch than untreated metal. My white version is stylish with a thin orange trim that reinforces its elegant line.


Handling is good thanks to a small bump on the opposite side of the Fire. The dimensions of the box make it more suitable for small hands. I wasn’t used to such small boxes and it was disturbing to see it disappear in my hand. This said, most of the vapers around me prefer small hardware, even if they are forced to recharge more often.

The Fire switch logically finds its place on the flat side and is wide enough to easily fall under my fingers. The use of this switch is soft and emits a small plastic noise when pressed.


Particular care was taken to integrate the setting buttons on the frame. Located at the bottom, on the side, these two buttons are very classical and do not jingle at all.

To remain in the positive aspects of this box, the OLED screen and its display are kept small on the side, protected behind a smoked plastic screen that reduces brightness.

Technical review

The main features of the iTaste Kroma starter kit are:

  • A circular Fire switch in plastic and two setting buttons on the side
  • Variable wattage: 25 – 75 W by increments of 0.5 W
  • Temperature control mode: Ni (0.1 – 0.2 Ω), Ti (0.1 – 0.5 Ω), SS316L (0.2 – 1.0 Ω).
  • Fast charging 5 V/ 2 A
  • Temperature range: 150° – 315 °C
  • Chipset Temperature monitoring and control
  • Resistance min: 0,1 Ω
  • Threaded 510 with adaptor
  • Weight: 175 g with SlipStream
  • Length: 70 mm; 95 mm with SlipStream
  • Width: 23 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Atomizer Ohm detection
  • Protected against shortcuts
  • Remaining charge indicator: colored LED around the Fire switch and colored logo on the screen
  • Battery 2 000 mAh
  • Secured for long puffs (>15 secondes)
  • Memory: Temperature settings an Wattage
  • Screen Display: Wattage and/or voltage, Ohms
  • OLED screen
  • Puffs counter
  • Right/left handed mode
  • User manual
  • Front USB plug

Main features pf the SlipStream tank:

  • Top filling system, fast and easy (like Cubis)
  • 2 ml Tank in Pyrex
  • 100% Stainless steel
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Spare drip-tip
  • No Spill Coil Swap System

Innokin’s seriousness, chipset Aethon 75 W, simplified temperature control, Auto-calibration features, SlipStream less convincing that its predecessor


The chipset is similar to its predecessors, more specifically the Cool Fire TC 18 650. The calibration of the coil, a mandatory operation to enable temperature control, is automated and this is a good thing.

The operation in repeated each time the atomizer is changed or filled with juice. If you use the same resistance coil, you will just press the Fire switch to accept after the scree displays “Same”. This confirms that the resistance is identical and the auto-calibration procedure is skipped.

In power mode, the settings are also easy. Press and hold the buttons + or – to get access to the settings. To switch to other modes, just click on + and you will see Ni, Ti or SS. Finally simple and intuitive!

If you are left-handed like me and you want to reverse the display, press and hold + and -. The operation is clearly described in the user manual.


With a width of 23 mm and the adaptor included, you are able to use any current type of clearomizer without degrading the line of the iTaste Kroma. The line is perfect with the SlipStream that fits inside the body of the box. An adaptor is mandatory if your atomizer is larger than 22 mm. The little window that is supposed to visualize the level of juice in the atomizer is sometimes not well adjusted with the SlipStream, with a bar just in the middle of this window.

The SlipStream uses the same system as Cubis by Joyetech, same usability but also the same default

The SlipStream copies the Cubis by Joyetech with its usability thanks to a resistance attached to the top cap. Unscrewing the top cap permits to remove the ensemble and to fill the tank easily. Unfortunately, it also shares the same inconvenient. It is regrettable because the iSub, also a top-filling atomizer, was not having this inconvenient.


This system has two major disadvantages: Overflow and agglutination. You should never fill the tank over the two windows. One more drop and the liquid will flow over when screwing the top cap.

After a refill, the first puffs will create agglutination in the chimney. This phenomenon is recurrent and disappears with time but appears again, sometimes several times per day.

I noticed that this phenomenon is prevalent with the Kanthal coil and less marked with the SS316L one,  when temperature control in enabled. It is also less dampen at higher power, but I don’t like it because of higher e-vapor temperature.


SlipStream is not as efficient as the iSub V and it is a pity because this kit will loose one star because of this choice. But remind of the adaptor and the possibility that it provides to accept all types of atomizer.

iTaste Kroma auto-calibrates the coils when the temperature control is enabled

The user manual specifies:

  • You must select the correct coil type.
  • For accurate calibration the coil must be at room temperature, the e-liquids should be room temperature as well.

Big assets for the iTaste Kroma, but a bitter aftertaste because of the poor performance of the SlipStream with Kanthal coils. In turn, with temperature control enabled and a SS316L coil, agglutination fades away very quickly and vaping becomes really satisfying after two or three puffs.


Once the new vertical coil hits its stride, its functioning us secure. My observation over the last weeks if that such new resistance coils are working well, sometimes too well, and exploiting the full capabilities of your Kroma will create high volume of vapor and an incredible noise. Up to you to dominate this beast.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Innokin’s design more and more appealing
  • Battery endurance and compatible with fast recharge
  • New Aethon chipset, performant and precise
  • Good value for money
  • Usable size and shape
  • Grip and pleasant coating
  • Easy tank re-fill
  • Intuitive and user-friendly settings for temperature and calibration
  • Right/left handed mode

The “-“:

  • SlipStream too noisy
  • Non-remplaçable batteries
  • Fire switch a bit noisy
  • Screen not readable
  • Brightness not adjustable
  • Agglutination after each re-fill
  • Vapor too hot
  • Autonomy of 2 ml, too small compared to e-juice consumption


Rating 3.4/5 for the kit 4.4/5 for the box:  The box is smartly designed but this not yet the case of the SlipStream. I acknowledge Innokin for making efforts on design, usability and also for the quality of its chipset Aethon 75 that keeps its promisses.

Value for money
Vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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Christina Metzgar
Christina Metzgar
5 years ago

What temp and wattage was your sweet spot for both coils you used? just got this

Alison Higgins
Alison Higgins
Reply to  Christina Metzgar
5 years ago

I’m also interested in knowing this as I’m really struggling with mine.

Christina Metzgar
Christina Metzgar
Reply to  Alison Higgins
5 years ago

Hi i figured it out, if you use kanthal coil switch to the wattage setting and start watt around like 15-20 and hit until you get better hits or you can use innokin stainless steel coil and switch to ss and press – button and power button together and that will change the wattagw. I have the temp around 250c and watt 45. Stainless steel produces much better smoke. It comes with one but when you buy it again it is better quality.

Stephen John Roberts
Stephen John Roberts
Reply to  Christina Metzgar
5 years ago


Del Calloway
Del Calloway
5 years ago

Anyone have any idea where to buy spare SS coils for this? I’m having a hard time finding them.

Reply to  Elizabeth
5 years ago

I just purchased these today and bought 3 and spend 10.00 even that’s including shipping

5 years ago

It took me forever to find 1 local store that carries them, but they run out frequently. Your best bet is to order online.

Rob Curtis
Rob Curtis
Reply to  Elizabeth
5 years ago

it’s the “key” for the deck section that allows you to use tanks other than the slipsteam

Graham Robertson
Graham Robertson
5 years ago

got the itaste kroma two months age on led say (two hot) and stop working email ten times lgnore can tell a good company things go wrong 🙁

Graeme Dunn
Graeme Dunn
5 years ago

I recently bought a kroma 2 days ago and I’m fairly new to vaping maybe 4 months, I have my wattage set at 30,35 and 220°c once I start to vape the wattage starts decreasing fairly rapidly to near single figures, plenty juice in coils seems fine 0.5 ss is this a problem?

Billy G.
Billy G.
5 years ago

Hello, im new to vaping and i got the Kroma, its not bad but the slipstream tank is just frustrating really. 2ml is way too little capacity and u cant fill it up to 2ml anyway. So im looking for another tank that would work well with the Kroma. Will the iSub V tank work well on it? I know the iSub works perfectly with the coolfire but will it work with the Kroma too? thanks.