Conservative Political Agenda Aims for Massive Deregulation

The Washington Post released an article titled, “Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda.”  This title could have easily summed up the topics discussed in this story much better if it had been titled, “Republicans Vs. Regulations.”  Or perhaps, they could have used the title of this particular article. Either way, it has become widely understood that the GOP plans for change.

American Vapers are biting their nails, praying this deregulating itinerary also includes the FDA Regulations on the Vapor Industry.

Nevertheless, it may not be ideal for most Americans to be learning of this massive agenda of sweeping deregulation of the U.S. social structure. However, there is no doubt that American Vapers are biting their nails, patiently waiting, hoping and praying this deregulating itinerary also includes the FDA Regulations on the Vapor Industry.

It is no secret that nothing would make the vaping community happier, than the FDA regulations suddenly gone from the forefront of the industry’s demise. It is obvious that vapers in the U.S. have fantasized about the “deeming regs” becoming entirely abolished, eradicated, unpublished and ultimately erased from human existence.

The Republican controlled Congress could be eyeing “tobacco regulations”.

If the harsh restrictions instituted by the FDA became a non-topic, then Vape advocates would most likely be dancing in the streets – to the point of feeling beyond ecstatic, reaching a state of pure bliss, finally feeling some type of glorious relief as this would translate as absolute victory. The interesting thing about this is that the Republican controlled Congress could be eyeing “tobacco regulations” and now that the regulations claim that vapor products are tobacco, one might assume that is what is being communicated by Republicans and major media publications.

The Washington Post writer David Weigel describes this scenario by summing up the basic strategy adopted by the overzealous Republican leadership, causing a decent amount of Americans to feel as though the world may be crumbling beneath our feet, while a good portion of other U.S. citizens feel as if the red, white and blue savior has arrived to restore balance.

David Weigel writes, “GOP leaders have cited the 21-year old Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to cast simple majority votes of disapproval for regulations, as a way to block anything the administration has ordered.

Since its passage, the CRA has been used only once. But in December, the Conservative House Freedom Caucus began compiling a list of more than 200 regulations it views as vulnerable to a disapproval vote. They include “burdensome” school lunch standards, tobacco regulations, laws that set higher wages for contractors and elements of the Paris climate-change agreement.

There may be some hope for U.S. Vaping Community after all.

Could this possibly mean that the Pro-Deregulation Republican Majority Congress could simply vote to have any regulation deregulated? It seems that way, from what is written in the article by David Weigel. There may be some hope for U.S. Vaping Community after all. However, it may come with the cost of giving up may other basic regulated areas of political interest that some vapers may not agree with. As the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for.”

The American Vaper’s “Great-Vape-Hope”

What is most promising for the vaping community, however, seems to fall right in-line with the Republican Party’s primary methods of gaining more power – using the validity of an old Congressional Act that’s been around since the early 90s allowing Congress to quickly vote on the disapproval of certain regulations.

Harsh regulatory overreaches previously made by government institutions may be overlooked.

What Is most important to consider is that this will be used for only specific regulations that coincide with Republican ideals and conservative beliefs. Meaning that perhaps, some harsh regulatory overreaches previously made by government institutions may be overlooked and not considered for deregulation while other regulations perhaps those that are parallel to the economic interests of the political agenda rather than the regulations that would largely impact the welfare of the people.

This begs the question, will the republican-controlled House and Senate bring the vaping community what it has longed for; ever since the announcement of the FDA regulations and what the vapor industry and ordinary vapers have passionately advocated for? The right to choose as a consumer in a free market or the right to operate a business without such harmful restrictions. Essentially a miracle victory in the eyes of the global community of vapers alongside their American VapeFam.

There is no doubt that Democrats have switched roles with their opposition as they attempt to install fear and the possibility of their counterparts worsening the entirety of America’s societal landscape. For instance, another key portion of the Washington Post article included this direct quote from a top potential candidate for DNC Chair.

There’s no question we’ll see a greater number of people who are uninsured, more people who are unemployed and more kids getting low test scores,” said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a leading candidate for DNC chairman. “But if we think Trump will create bad conditions and that’ll be enough for Democrats to win, we are absolutely wrong.

This is still one nation with the word “United” as the first word and symbolic representation of freedom in our country’s name.

Many Americans are skeptical of such a widely controlled conservative government, with good reason. Either way, whether one agrees with the GOP agenda or not, we will just have to sit back and see what transpires. Republican Party members must also remember to be careful what they wish for.

If things do not turn out as they hoped from their sweeping process of deregulation, then the GOP has no direction to point their finger, except for in the area of their own reflection.  Not to mention, the political divide between the extreme right and extreme left must also remind themselves from time-to-time, this is still one nation with the word “United” as the first word and symbolic representation of freedom in our country’s name.

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Cali Steam
Cali Steam
7 years ago

Let’s hope the deregulation agenda will carry over to the vaping industry. At a minimum, simplification of the regulations or reclassification of nicotine within vape products could help the industry continue to grow.

7 years ago

Exactly! Well said. They better not ignore Vaper’s rights during this deregulation agenda