Here come Pyrex and spare parts

This beginning of year 2017 is heaven for single coil vapers. After the excellent Ammit (GeekVape), it is up to the high-end Swiss modder E-Phoenix to release a second version of its famous Hurricane, tested by The Vaping Post in its Junior version, last Summer.

A big surprise arrived when opening this little rectangular box, E-Phoenix included a plastic pocket full of O-rings, spare screws and a technical note. It is rare enough to be highlighted. The high-end Swiss modder is conforming to the competitive Asian market.

Besides the note and some spare parts, the Hurricane V2 comes with a HurriCap, a bell cap in PMMA with a stainless steel part to adjust the flow of e-liquid.

Design. The top cap comes now castellated to increase the grip. A new graduated ring appears, located between the tank and the top cap, whose function is to adjust the inflow of e-liquid. The airflow ring has also been modified. The airflow system is a cyclopean one, identical to the Junior. The design appears more industrial than with previous versions.

Technical review

Technical features of E-Phoenix’s Hurricane V2:

  • Diameter: 22.7 mm
  • Height: 57.5 mm (47.5 mm without drip-tip), 49 mm with the Hurricap and the drip-tip
  • Weight: 85 g (classic), 45 g with the Hurricap,
  • Base: dual post in single coil
  • Material: Stainless steel with bright finish, Pyrex (tank), plaqué or 24K (plateau de montage et connecteur 510)
  • Capacité : 3 ml en remplissage par le haut
  • Drip tip 510
  • Remplissage par le haut
  • Airflow jusqu’à 25 mm
  • Contrôle de flux d’e-liquide
  • Trois plateaux interchangeables avec airflow de 2, 3 et 5 mm
  • Connecteur 510 plaqué or ajustable

Le pack du Hurricane V2 contient :

  • Un Hurricane V2
  • Trois plateaux de montage
  • Un kit de joints
  • Un drip tip
  • Un Hurricap mini
  • Une notice

Awesome finish and Pyrex tank


Disassembling this RTA gives an overview of its manufacturing quality. Screw threads are smooth, each part fits perfectly and it is a real pleasure. There is only one issue, the number of parts has increased since the last model, which is not in favor of simplicity of use. However, with a little bit of patience and a lot of brainstorming, it is not a severe issue. Take care when installing the thinest O-rings, especially those on the tank, they are tiny and fragile. It has been advertised by the manufacturer that some models have been mounted upside down. When you open the tank, always make sure that the O-ring at the base of the tank is thicker than the one that comes above. The one I had in test was not problematic.

My last regret concerns the tank whose capacity has been reduced to 3 ml on this Hurricane V2, compared to the 3.5 ml on the V1.3. For your information, it is only possible to fill 2 ml from the bottom. Forget the PMMA tank, E-Phoenix finally included a Pyrex one.

Three different types of airflows


The mounting base has not seen any revolution. It is still a two-post deck, like the Taifun GT2. Not as easy as a Velocity, it nevertheless allows mounting any type of resistance coil with a minimum of manipulations. Just place the coil above the airflow holes, twist the legs around the pegs and you’re done.

Novelty comes from the three available bases that provides the most efficient setting for the airflow with openings of 2, 3 and 5 mm. To switch from one to another, just unscrew the 510 pin. Be careful not to forget the grey insulating PEEK. The 2 mm opening is the right choice for indirect inhalation, the 5 mm wide is very aerial and rather dedicated to direct inhalation. The 3 mm is intermediate, convenient for both MTL vaping of DL inhalation. The airflow ring has been modified to ressemble to the Hurricane Junior with a cyclopean opening of 25 mm. It allows setting the airflow on the full range with a ring that slides perfectly.


Wicking is similar to the other Hurricanes. Insert the fibre in the two gutter and cut it short to prevent dry hits. It is also possible to make a nest or a S on each side for more security. Take care to close the liquid inlets before filling it up from the top to avoid leakage. Last but not least, do not forget to correctly insert the atomization chamber before screwing the tank otherwise it may turn at the same time and lose its alignment with the coil or, worst, the cotton fiber may also slip out of the gutters.

I recommend building a coil of 3 mm in diameter to have enough cotton to fill the gutters. If you use the Hurricap en PMMA, take care not to vape too corrosive e-liquids and to set the liquid inlet ring around the atomization chamber ring before inserting it. After, the operation would be impossible with the cotton fiber out of the gutters.

Top filling


Refilling is from the top. The operation necessitates to remove the ring located around the top cap. A wide opening appears to insert the largest pipettes and to fill the tank with 3 ml of liquid. It is easier than filling it from the bottom but it requires to have a secured place to lay the ring down during the operation.

Rewarded efforts

After all the above, let’s vape; it is where the Hurricane is the best. The orientation of the RTA is clearly to render flavors and this is confirmed by E-Phoenix that recommend not to go beyond 40 W. My opinion is that the feeling has changed. Rendering of flavors is still the best quality on the market but the attack is softer than on previous versions.


Around 20 W with an airflow reduced to one quarter and the base in 2 or 3 mm, we clearly are in indirect inhalation with a dense and tasty vapor. Logically, the vapor should be denser and more intense with the 2 mm one. When switching to 5 mm and opening half of the airflow, direct lung is mandatory with a minimum power of 30 W.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Excellent rendering of flavors
  • Very polyvalent
  • Top filling
  • Pyrex tank
  • Beautiful finish
  • Numerous spare parts
  • Good aftermarket reactiveness on Facebook page

The “-“:

  • Whistling when the airflow is reduced
  • Many parts to assemble
  • The chamber is susceptible to rotate when screwing the tank
  • High price


Rating of 4/5. The Hurricane V2 by E_Phoenix is still in the higher range of its category for the rendering of flavors. The quality of vaping is still very high with dense and tasty vapor, while relatively noiseless. The major novelty comes with the three bases that widen the vaping style from very tight to very aerial. Ease of use is declining because of the many manipulations that are required to avoid leakage and the rotating atomization chamber when screwing the tank. Hurricane V2 is intended to an expert and very careful public. For the financial investment, it would be a shame to brush it under the carpet with its so many beautiful capabilities.


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