This was surely a recipe for disaster. That is not nearly an ample amount of time given for all vaping industry manufacturers in the U.S. to be able to comply with.

Therefore, with many tobacco product manufacturers being unaware this deadline was still in effect, due to the FDA’s July 28th announcement to postpone PMTA guidelines another 4 years. So many manufacturers were scrambling at the last minute to try and get their products registered — as the registration calls for an extremely tedious and time-consuming task.

System Overload

There are a number of articles written on this situation about updating the product registration guidelines just 2 weeks before the deadline. One that bests explains the facts is from a law firm. This article clarifies, “Just two weeks before the September 30th, 2017 registration deadline for U.S. tobacco product manufacturing establishments, on Friday, September 15, 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a Revised Guidance for Industry on Registration and Product Listing for Owners and Operators of Domestic Tobacco Product Establishments” (Keller & Heckman LLP).

However, on Tuesday, the FDA & FDA Commissioner Dr. Gottlieb tweeted:
“FDA extends registration & listing compliance deadline for newly regulated tobacco products to 10/12/17.”

Then, on the FDA official website, they have posted this message for everyone to see:

FDA extends deadline

This seems like a miracle, but as mentioned, it was inevitable that there would be these “System Outages” (or fear of potential lawsuits)? Hmmm? Regardless, the circumstances were unavoidable for not allowing manufacturers enough time to register, the majority were all registering electronically at the exact same time.

These manufacurers have livelihoods too consider, of course they were all going to try and get the job done. Not to mention, this is an industry that has many advocating for it and have offered to help any business in times of need. So, in addition, of course, even trade organizations were doing all they could to assist the manufacturers who needed it. This is why it is so crucial to join your local SFATA Chapter, unless you unfortunately live in 1 of the 12 states with no local chapter. Still, being a national member is an option.

SFATA Board President April L. Meyers says, “Given the large influx of requests we’ve seen to join our group in the last week and the numerous complaints our members have posted regarding the slow system and incessant errors. FDA did the right thing! They also provided further relief to companies impacted by hurricanes. Either way, all Manufacturers need to still file with FDA though, in order to obtain the registration approval. So we are urging those who still need to register to seek information on that immediately.”

Considering this, visit the FDA website and do not forget if you are a manufacturer, the new Deadline is now October 12th, 2017 for product registration. The vape Industry caught a break and that is quite rare, so please take advantage of this generosity being shown by the FDA and get your registration finished as soon as possible, before the 12th of course.

In addition, if you are in a business that is vape-related, perhaps you should visit the SFATA site and join this organization with valuable membership benefits. Everything is easier said than done and with attacks coming from all angles at the Vape Industry, it’s not always easy to remain willfully-informed with helpful information. However, in order to stay up-to-date on all deadlines, visit the Vaping Post regularly along with securing your SFATA membership. Hopefully, you’re already a member of CASAA too. Nowadays, it’s building positive relationships is the most crucial action to take and trust is the most valuable currency – in the Vaping community, it is better to join one another as one to make allies, not enemies.


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