Just this weekend, Vaping Post published an article discussing the Reality of the FDA flavor ban ANPRM. Concluding that we do not need to speculate or get distracted by the vague terminology used by the FDA.

For instance when the FDA announces that they wish to collect information, they will surely seek to use whatever information they acquire not to better understand vapers necessity to use flavors, but to find perhaps some other area to provide credibility to their argument against this life-saving method and contemporary cultural phenomenon. The FD opens up, by announcing:

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing this advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) to obtain information related to the role that flavors play in tobacco products.”

Right? Well, that seems like the most illogical scenario they could have devised. Sorry, but do they honestly expect us to believe they are making this announcement, with their official ANPRM paperwork, writing, they their focus is “to obtain information related to the role that flavors play in tobacco products.”

This mission would also suggest to many that the FDA has no clue as to what roles flavors play in the vaping process.

Seriously? After the past 6 years of rapid innovation and countless testimonials of vapers popping up on any content provider’s website, reveals just how difficult this scenario is to clearly imagine.

Does this mean it’s all over? Has the Industry met it’s doom? I’d like to think that it is not at all over. All in all, I have much confidence in this industry since the vaping community is populated with an infinite amount of talent.


The language used by the FDA is incredibly vague, however, if you analyze closely, it becomes noticeable that they make obvious threats and clear assumptions about vape juice. Stating:

“Specifically, this ANPRM is seeking comments, data, research results, or other information about, among other things, how flavors attract youth to initiate tobacco product use and about whether and how certain flavors may help adult cigarette smokers reduce cigarette use and switch to potentially less harmful products.”

Of course there is no doubt and nothing but “certainty” when making statements about “attracting” children to “initiate” tobacco use — pure action verbs . When in reality, we all know it’s not technically tobacco. Not to mention, they use the theme of “uncertainty” when it comes to flavors that “may” help adults switch to“potentially” switch to less harmful products.

More or less they are actually saying, “this ANPRM is seeking comments, data, research results, or other information about, among other things, how flavors attract youth to initiate tobacco product use.” Clarifying this to be their only true reason for seeking out comments from those with the most experience — vapers themselves.

Apparently the FDA doesn’t follow the expressive terminology of “say what you mean and mean what you say,” — though they stick to their obscure bureaucratese expressions.

It is so obvious their position to believe this situation is a fact and they’re only concern and last resort argument. The only ammunition left after continuous attempts with bogus and invalid scientific studies left.


The deeply passionate attitudes fueling the current existence of the entire industry is perhaps one of the primary factors all vapers can look towards when seeking out victory and redemption.

There are so many intelligent minds with an insurmountable level of creative energy that can easily be activated and embraced to combat this threat and revive the spirit of the vape community as a whole.

At this time, it seems my suggestions are just as vague as the official documentation published by the FDA. However, over the next few weeks I imagine I will be speaking with the number of prominent advocates about ways to prepare and ultimately discover sustainable solutions.

Until more detailed information can be communicated, I can, however, assure anyone who feels entirely unsure of how to preserve this culture that the top priorities are undoubtedly directly related to the strength of our bond.

Ultimately, this bond is only unbreakable if we focus on the solidarity and practice of three specific things. Therefore, in the meantime, focus on the top 3 priorities listed below.

1) Express Optimism
2) Increase Unity
3) Actively Donate

Irresponsible Business Practices

Lastly, however, perhaps one Specific Top Priority that is extremely crucial to consider as one of the main reasons a flavor ban might be installed, above all else, is the unnecessary child-appealing labels of some vape juice brands who have refused any suggestions to ultimately rebrand.

What do you think? Are there brands in the industry essentially acting irresponsible? Would a flavor ban even be considered if there were zero child-appealing labels remaining?

Considering this, we will explore the irresponsible business practices of child-appealing labels in a separate article post.

This unfortunate reality, labeling misuses seems to linger around perpetuating bad karma for millions of vapers. Are such labels putting vapers in a difficult position? Or do you feel there would still be a flavor ban regardless?

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