The report titled Global E-Cigarette Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021), was compiled by Researchmoz, a research agency whose database is composed of current market studies from over 100 featured publishers worldwide.

The report offers an in-depth analysis of the vaping market, and takes a deeper look at the usual market main players: Imperial Tobacco Group PLC, Altria Group Inc., Japan Tobacco Inc., and Reynolds American Inc., pointing out that these are still the main competitors.  

The UK is leading the way

The UK where e-cigarettes are fully endorsed as smoking cessation tools by local authorities, is not surprisingly listed as the fastest growing market, whilst due to the FDA restrictions faced, the US market is expected to face some serious challenges. The key factors listed as the main contributors to the e-cig market growth include product innovation, increase in net average selling price, tobacco cigarettes price hikes, and a growing youth population.

The Report’s Table of Content of the report goes as follows:

Market Overview
1.1 E-Cigarette
1.2 Anatomy & Mechanism
1.3 Risk & Benefits

2 Global Market Analysis
2.1 Global E-Cigarette Market by Value
2.2 Global E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Value
2.3 Global E-Cigarette Market by Sales Channel
2.4 Global E-Cigarette Market by Region

3 Regional Analysis
3.1 The US
3.1.1 The US E-Cigarette Market by Value
3.1.2 The US E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Value
3.1.3 The US E-Cigarette Market by Volume
3.1.4 The US E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Volume
3.2 Europe
3.2.1 European E-Cigarette Market by Value
3.2.2 European E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Value
3.2.3 European E-Cigarette Market by Volume
3.2.4 European E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Volume
3.2.5 The UK E-Cigarette Market by Value
3.2.6 The UK E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Value
3.3 ROW
3.3.1 ROW E-Cigarette Market by Value
3.3.2 ROW E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Value
3.3.3 Korean E-Cigarette Market by Value
3.3.4 Korean E-Cigarette Market Forecast by Value

4 Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 New Product Launches
4.1.2 Higher Average Selling Price
4.1.3 Rising Market Share of E-Cigarettes
4.1.4 Mounting Prices of Tobacco Cigarettes
4.1.5 Dropping Cigarette Consumption
4.1.6 Growing Youth Population
4.2 Trends & Developments
4.2.1 Use of Different Flavors with Different Nicotine Strengths
4.2.2 Switch towards E-Cigarettes
4.2.3 Changing Lifestyle and Preferences
4.2.4 Accelerating Research and Development Efforts
4.3 Challenges
4.3.1 Poisoning and Exposure to Liquid Nicotine
4.3.2 Restricted Use of E-Cigarettes in Major Asian Countries
4.3.3 Impact of Nicotine
4.3.4 Regulation on Sales and Marketing by FDA

5 Competitive Landscape
5.1 Global E-Cigarette Market
5.1.1 Revenue Comparison
5.1.2 Market Cap Comparison
5.1.3 Unit Sales Change by Major Players
5.2 The US E-Cigarette Market
5.2.1 Revenue Share Comparison by All Channels
5.2.2 Volume Share Comparison by All Channels
5.2.3 Revenue Share Comparison by C-Stores
5.2.4 Volume Share Comparison by C-Store
5.2.5 Revenue Share Comparison by Brands


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