Vapefly’s Wormhole dripper offers a dual or single coil vape, in direct lung inhalation, ranging from a limited air flow to a opened one, without being excessive. It has a double air flow, internal and external, while limiting the leakage possibilities often associated with this type of device. He’s a good dripper.

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An invitation to travel?

Vapefly, by naming this dripper, wanted to pay tribute to Stephen Hawking through one of the implications of his search for a theory of everything, otherwise called string theory: green holes, dear to the Stargate TV show or better to the excellent Fringe show. This theory would indeed imply the existence of an infinity of parallel universes, which we could reach thanks to these holes, if we could leave them alive, which is not won, and if we could survive in the universe of arrival, which is impossible because by principle, the laws of physics would be different there. Wormhole is in fact full of holes allowing to vary its vape, thus to discover innumerable unknown gustative universes. Too pretentious? Yeah, a little bit.

More concretely, the Wormhole is a rather small dripper (28 mm high), whose finish mixes satin steel and frosted plastic.

Many holes allow to vary the air flow very finely, always well in front of the coils, we will come back to it.

The dripper is composed of three parts: a base and a steel barrel, a plastic top cap, which accommodates a drip tip in 810 format, also frosted. Classic.

An ingenious air flow

The Wormhole has a double air flow. I’m wary of complicated airflows, which usually lead to an unnecessary headache and various leaks. But here, no need for paracetamol, the system is well designed.

The first flow is traditional, by the sides, it is adjusted by adjusting the top cap which makes it possible to open 1 to 3 holes on the 5 present on each side on the barrel, so as to always have the air intakes in front of the coils. Smart.

The second airflow is internal, it comes to water the coils from the center of the posts, through three small holes on each side. The central screw is used to fix a U-shaped plate that supports the holes. It can be changed by another one which only has holes on one side, to use the dripper in simple coil.

The internal air supply comes to collect the air through a duct pierced in the base, which then passes through the negative stud. The flow is adjustable by turning the barrel so as to open more or less the conduit. The design of this double air flow is remarkable, not only by its adjustments, but especially by the fact that it does not generate sources of leaks. So we have two independent, easily adjustable air flows: one, the other or both can be used and the air flow can go from very tight to very opened. In reality, there is little point in using only the internal flow, it is more judicious to seek a balance between the two.

Moreover, if the air flow can be very tight, suitable for indirect inhalation, this setting is not suitable for the vape style of this atomizer which is designed to operate in direct inhalation, restrictive or not, but direct. It may seem a bit complicated, but in use it is not: you quickly feel that the internal air flow accounts for about 1/3 of the total flow, and it is easy to find a balance. One of my functional adjustments, for a somewhat restricted direct flow, consists in closing the internal flow by half and leaving 2 holes open on the external flow.

Setup is relatively simple

For the coil buiding, two posts welcome together the two coils, which is a little more delicate than with a Velocity deck : it is just necessary to make a pre-assembly and to cut the legs of the coils before placing them definitively. The 2 coils supplied with the parts are made of a composite of very fine braided wires. Personally, I’m not a fan, even if it works fine. The resulting resistance is low (0,16 ohm), it obliges to a very aerial vape which seems to me a little above the limits of this dripper. I prefer a coil of 0.2 to 0.25 ohm to give a slightly more flavorful vape.

Interesting flavours

From my point of view, this dripper is made for a direct inhalation vapor, from a little restricted to well aerial, between 45 W and 60/70 W in double coil, and between 25 and 40 W in single coil. In these configurations, the flavours are well restored, in a denser way in double coil, the single coil vape being to my taste more diluted, not unpleasant, but less present.

The fineness of the air flow regulation is a determining element of the flavours rendering, we feel well when the flow is too much or not enough open, and it is possible to vary the vape temperature to adapt to different flavours. In short, if it is not the atomizer of the century and that I did not fall from my chair by vaporizing with it, it is nevertheless part of the double coil drippers capable of a very good restitution of flavors, which is not so common.

Technical review

The Wormhole is delivered in a white box that contains everything you need for additional parts: gaskets, screws, BF pin, adapter for drip tip 510 and screwdriver. However, a spare top cap is missing: it is made of plastic so it can age quickly or break during a fall.

A sad little observation

The seals that hold the barrel to the base are a little too tight. Even by coating them with liquid, it remains difficult to remove it, which obliged me to force… and to crack the plastic top cap that I had left in place.

In short, it is imperative to first remove the top course before trying to remove the barrel from the base, or as I did, remove one of the joints.

Little joyful observations

The 510 connector comes out enough to screw this dripper on a hybrid mechanical mod. It also comes with a drilled pin, making it compatible with bottom feeder boxes…

In simple coil configuration, the air inlet holes on the side are smaller, making the flow more restricted, which is quite relevant to balance the internal and external flows without being too airy.

The tank depth is rarely seen: 11 mm. That leaves a nice margin between two cash supplies, whether you use it as a dripper or a squonker. Let us note in passing that the machining operations do not suffer any criticism, nor do the finishes.

In short, nothing is missing from this dripper, except an emergency top cap, or better a steel top cap.

In summary

We like

  • Flavour/vapour balance in dual coil
  • The quality of manufacture
  • The ingenious airflow system
  • The absence of leakage (if the dripper is not put upside down).
  • The presence of a BF pine

We don’t like

  • Joints too tight on the base
  • The absence of a replacement top cap.
Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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wormhole-rda-vapeflyThe Vapfly Wormhole RDA is a good dual coil dripper, it does not revolutionize vaping but produces a dense vapour while preserving faithful flavours. It should appeal to those who appreciate being able to finely adjust their airflow to suit their vape and the flavors of their liquids. Its plastic top cap is a bit fragile, it lacks a spare piece or a steel version.