Whenever something better comes along, whenever there is a innovative alternative for consumers, whenever there is something far more superior to purchase, whenever there is a better option to switch to and better in every way for your health and for the health of all those who are around you — of course there will always be such an unnecessary amount of pushback and resistance.

The opposition to the harm reduction technology that has been responsible for improving the quality of life for millions around the world is being engaged in economic warfare on a scale much larger than anyone could truly understand. Unless they were directly following the updates, political interference, corporate takeover, cultural transformation and public health phenomena

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As a vaper, researcher and writer on all things vaping, I find it necessary to routinely remind family and friends and any potential readers, as to why I have become such a believer in this technology.

Thus, it is absolutely necessary to never allow social forces to shame you for vaping. While those who bring the shame may think their intentions are for good, they are likely operating based on faulty information. This is exactly why vaping testimonials are so crucial to share.

Basically, I was a habitual tobacco abuser to the point of never even thinking to put that label anywhere near my actions. Overall, I dipped smokeless tobacco starting at the age of 17 and found it to be a great alternative for when I had to play basketball during the winter time since that’s when the season usually runs.

First time I ever smoked a traditional cigarette was in middle school. Yet, smoking was not habitual until I was in college, but since I was extremely passionate about being a standout basketball player, my initial conclusion was to develop a regimen.

Both in high school and college, I’d follow the same routine when smoking. In the off-season, I’d smoke cigarettes, but then during the season I would dip tobacco. Apparently, my logic was that it wasn’t as controversial to damage my lungs in the off-season. During the regular season, I wanted to stay well conditioned. Such stupid logic, but at the time, it seemed reasonable. If only vaping actually existed back then.

To summarize, I had graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and had no chance of getting drafted in the NBA. A back injury ultimately had been the primary catalyst at preventing any further advancement with basketball career. However, even if my back was not fractured and I was in better health, professional basketball was not likely to be in my future.

Furthermore, my “dipping replacement for smoking logic” aka my “nicotine routine” I had consistently followed with strict discipline was no longer necessary as the seasons for playing basketball would no longer be a regularly predetermined part of my life.

Following this, the discipline I once had to limit my smoking habits, was not able to assist me. Unfortunately, I began smoking cigarettes every day without any one particular thing assisting me with cutting back or reminding me how I should quit smoking.

Post-Smoking Lifestyle

After moving to the Denver area, I began noticing this new technology called vaping in which many people were experimenting with. Of course, at first I was skeptical. Thanks to my parents, they convinced me I should give it a try.

To summarize, I am so glad I took my parents advice. Otherwise my stubbornness may have never allowed me to pursue quitting with an open mind towards new technology.

Altogether, I had dipped and smoked for 13-15 years and never even thought about quitting until I tried vaping and the goal to quit never even became a motivating thought — I just quit.

This scenario proves how vaping is a powerful form of reducing harmful behavior. Vaping allows smokers a chance to quit, before even thinking to decide on a goal and build a plan.

Well, technically, there a number of vapers who also frequently communicate about this particular smoker-turned-vaper debate prefer that people refer to this situation as “switching” rather than quitting. This is primarily because the vape community has become relentlessly compliant with regulatory language.

Since the naysayers and abstinence fanatics wish to equate vaping eliquids with smoking combustible tobacco. When in fact, vapor products are, technically, harm reduction tools used to assist people with quitting the 95-99% riskier lifestyle choice of smoking. Realistically, countless vapers would undeniably agree, that deep down, when you switch to vapor products, you are indeed quitting smoking.

Still, the FDA released its regulations for the industry, suggesting and basically demanding that anyone who works in the vape industry, especially those working in shops, cannot claim that vapor products are used for smoking cessation.

Therefore, industry professionals and anyone associated with the vaping culture, particularly advocates hoping to preserve the industry, have been insistent upon maintaining a responsible approach in following the deeming rule set forth by the FDA.

While the regulatory framework by the federal government is nearly reminiscent of prohibition era stipulations, vapers have become accustomed to abiding by the rules. Of course, there are some areas throughout the industry that seem to largely ignore all parts of the deeming rule. Yet, the restrictive vocabulary has been embraced by influencers within the community.

Henceforth, this is why the vape community deserves much more respect and understanding than they tend to currently receive. The vape community has been putting forth an impressive amount of effort to express their willingness to oblige the authorities. This level of obedience deserves some much needed recognition, especially with many sacrifices already made — that should count for something.



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