Technologically wise, the industry shows no sign of stopping. The market experts have pointed out that box mods have reached greater performance levels, and the refillable pod systems have made usage of the products easier. Therefore an increase in products using this technology is to be expected.

Many new vaping businesses are opening exclusively online and numerous offline vendors have also been migrating online.
Another change that is predicted, is the opening of more online businesses as opposed to brick and mortar shops. The opening of shops can be a hectic and expensive process, hence many new businesses are opening exclusively online, and at the same time, offline vendors are also migrating online.


Another highlighted point was CBD oil. As the substance becomes legal in more countries, many more vendors will start selling CBD vape oil. Although there is still a long way to go towards a fully problem-free CBD oriented business, the trends show that numerous companies are becoming less afraid to explore this niche.

As data in favour of vaping keeps emerging, certain countries may have to relax their laws

With regards to vaping regulations, as more research about vaping is being conducted by the day, and the results are indicating that the devices are relatively safer than cigarettes and effective as smoking cessation tools, the market leaders hope that more countries will recognize the devices as harm reduction tools and relax their laws accordingly.

On the other hand, with the ever dwindling tobacco industry seeking to invest in the vaping industry, the latter could be affected negatively, as becoming affiliated with the tobacco industry (as in the case of Juul), could cost it its reputation.

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