It has become rather obvious that vape shops across America need a complete makeover. At the same time, the argument made by Phil and Dimitri is absolutely necessary for shop owners to consider.

This argument consists of informing industry professionals that there is a portion of the consumer base that the industry is entirely overlooking and often forgetting to target. This particular consumer is, of course, the smoker.

Thus, this professional workshop is indeed getting back to basics by focusing on attempting to transform shops into a friendly atmosphere appealing to smokers.

Whatever setup works for the advanced vaper is not the same as what might work for the current smoker who is looking to switch to vapor products. So, the shops need to be carrying the right products in order to service the appropriate consumers. For example, carrying starter kits along with high nicotine based eliquids.

Of course, Dimitri and Phil are also the creative minds behind designing Innokin Zenith devices, which are geared more towards smokers who are looking to switch to using vapor products, so perhaps deciding to carry these devices in your retail location will most likely guarantee a major increase of customers as well as a maximization of profitability.

Modern Change

Phil mentions, “We also discuss how important it is to make quick adjustments as an employee on site, ultimately making the shop atmosphere more inviting. If you are dealing with a first time customer who is unfamiliar with the culture, it is less intimidating and far more professional for the buying process if the workers are not blowing huge clouds with sub ohm tanks attached to high wattage mods.”

As a first time patron of your shop or first time visitor of any type of vape shop experiencing people blowing big clouds might seem fairly pretentious and if you’re going to work at one of these places of business it would be wise to have the courtesy and recognizing the disconnect.

This is not to say, “don’t ever cloud-chase,” just instead, think of it as situational awareness. So, if you are blowing huge clouds and a customer walks in who seems unfamiliar with the situation occurring in the vape shop, be aware and on alert to make instant adjustments. Therefore, trying your hardest to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible.

Staff members simply just need to make some minor adjustments that can be considered as creating a far more inviting atmosphere for possible customers who may feel slightly intimidated by the “advanced vaping culture.”

The vape shop is the heart and soul of the entire industry, but these retail locations are struggling and there is no doubt about it. Therefore, the community must work harder at making modern adjustments to draw in more business, specifically attracting more smokers. Dimitri says, “this is about maximizing potential in order to maximize profits.”

Overall Message

Make no mistake, this is not just about change it is also about survival — sustainability of the industry.

The message of this consulting seminar is to literally, get back to basics. Their logic is straightforward and clear, vaping is for smokers, not just vapers. However, when your product supply is limited, then you are essentially only targeting the established vape community.

Phil and Dimitri make it a point to express the strong argument that vape shops need to carry juices with higher nicotine content while simultaneously offering the corresponding devices to go along with it.

Phil says, “It’s so important to match the liquid with the proper hardware.” In order to convert smokers into vapers, it is essential to carry the most appropriate products. This is a no-brainer business model, there are 30 million smokers in the United States who can benefit from switching to a healthier alternative.

Furthermore, not only do the retail locations need to carry these products, but also juice manufacturers need to start making higher nicotine options available.

Reality of the Situation

The fact of the matter is that this consultation seminar is encouraging a revolutionary shift in creating a welcoming environment for all types of consumers, allowing the possibility for vape shops to capture more business by creating a more professional experience overall.

By only catering to advanced vapers, is also only appeasing the established customers familiar with the culture, which are those who have already quit smoking cigarettes.

All things considered, if you are set in your ways and the concept of getting “back to basics” isn’t compatible with your business model, then maybe this workshop isn’t for you. However if you have any interest in allowing Phil and Dimitri to visit your shop to present their free back to basics seminar, you can directly get in touch with them by reaching out online.

Not to mention, Dimitri and Phil have made it a point to clarify that their consulting services are also available for distributors as well as state groups.

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