The US Preventive Services Task Force is urging doctors to suggest the use of e-cigs for smoking cessation/harm reduction, even to young people.

The task force, an independent, volunteer panel of experts in prevention and evidence-based medicine, is also calling for more research on ways to help young people quit using tobacco. Despite the ongoing claims about an alleged teen vaping “epidemic”, the organization is urging doctors to add e-cigarettes to their efforts in preventing young people from using tobacco.

This has been the most significant change in a draft statement updating 2013 recommendations on steps primary care providers should take to stop tobacco use in kids. The measures also include education and brief counselling.

Task force member Dr Michael Silverstein said that preventing smoking amongst teens should be priority. “Preventing tobacco use among our young people is critical to the health of the nation. All youth are at risk for tobacco use and should be provided with interventions to help prevent them from ever starting.”

Further research needed in tobacco use prevention

The organization points out that more research is needed on tobacco use prevention. “Helping youth quit using tobacco is vital to their health,” said task force member Dr Chien-Wen Tseng. “Unfortunately, studies have not yet identified effective ways to help children and teens quit, and the task force is calling for more research in this area.”

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