Compared to the Novo, the Nord Kit takes up more volume and weight to improve handling comfort, autonomy and vape quality. Otherwise, esthetically, it is very similar: zinc alloy, solid plastic, impeccable assembly and successful finishes give a feeling of quality. This time, we really have a vape device worthy of the name.

The fire button

If the graphic line is in the continuity, you can see, on the face (North? no: SMOK!) a small release button that didn’t exist on the Novo (you just had to drag a puff). In 5 clicks, this button turns the pod on or off. It has a centered LED that indicates by 2 clicks, the (un)charge of the battery from green to flashing red, through orange. The LED is blue when the pod is in use.

The battery

The qualities of Nord Kit do not stop there. It has an autonomy of 1100 mAh, which allows you to vape from a few hours (if you chain vape with a low nicotine juice) to a working day (if you go reasonably with more nicotine). Recharging is done by the USB cable provided. The port is at the bottom of the North (in the South, then? NO! underneath!) and, as it is very well placed, you can continue to vape while charging, for example on a computer. The battery delivers a power of 10 to 15 W, depending on its level of discharge, and the chosen resistance. It switches off after 8 seconds of pressure on the fire button and has all the protections (short circuit and low voltage) that ensure good safety.

The cartridge

In addition to the battery, a pod is also a cartridge (pod). Well, yes, and it’s just like its battery: super well done. Its capacity is 3 ml (there is also a TPD version with 2 ml). It fits quietly on the three spring-loaded contacts, and slides smoothly when you take it out to fill it up. The airflows are located at the junction of the battery and the tank. The mouthpiece is wide, slim and pleasant. Filling is done by carefully lifting the small black soft and medium-strength rubber cap (you can see it on the right in the picture below). The inlet is wide enough for an easy filling.

The coils

The kit comes with two interchangeable coils. One of 1.4 ohm, for a draw very close to that of a cigarette (indirect inhalation), and another one of 0.6 ohm, for vapers who like denser vapor. There is also a third ceramic coil of 1.4 ohm, too, but we could not test it.

Our feedback on lifetime is in the average, about 3 weeks before replacement, but it all depends on the liquid, your way of vaping, etc.

Once the coil is chosen, all that’s left to do is to soak the resistance abundantly, then to place it by pushing it deep into its slot. Finally, fill the tank with one of your good juices.

How does it really vape?

Speaking of good liquids, as mentioned above, avoid giving it your best juices at 20 dollars per 10 ml! Why not? If this Nord Kit restores very comfortably the flavours, it is sometimes rough on a little complex mixes. A good tasty “classic”, a fruity juice or a good custard will fit nicely! I do not guarantee anything for overpriced delicacies.

As far as the two coils are concerned, there is a real difference in terms of how it feels. That of 0.6 ohm is superior in terms of flavour restitution and vapor production. The 1.4 ohm coil adapts very well to liquids with a high nicotine strenght.


We like

  • Good usability
  • Ease of use
  • Solidity
  • 1100 mAh battery
  • Rechargeable

We don’t like

  • Flavours restitution can be confusing sometimes
Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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smok-nord-pod-reviewRather elegant, solid, with a nice autonomy, this Nord Kit from Smok is between a pod and an AIO kit (all-in-one). It is a good product for a person who wants to quit smoking. In addition, being quite discreet, it can be used as an add-on kit without any problem. Small regret, it could have been a little more precise on complex flavours.