Beautifull box

Dovpo’s Mono SQ DNA75C is a superb achievement. All in anodized aluminum, it is neat and light. The satin paint gives it a superb appearance. Compact, it is pleasant to hold in your hand. Embedding a DNA75C chipset, it is particularly powerful whatever its range of use. A superb realization, classy and modern at the same time.

Technical data

Size 87 x 41.1 x 27 mm
Weight 143 g
Battery 18650
Maximal power 75 w
Maximal atomiser 27 mm
Available functions watts, temperature control, replay

Light, design and resistant

On the top of the box, the 510 connector is gold-plated and spring-mounted. The width of the box allows spraying up to 27 mm. This is a very good point. The box is compact but not limited to small atomisers.

Under the box, there are many inscriptions. One can find the different collaborators, the standards and the serial number. At the top and bottom, two thin notches allow for the removal of the box’s cover panels. It is discreet and well integrated.

Each trim panel is held firmly in place by 4 magnets at each corner. The hold is excellent without offering too much resistance. The protrusions on the inside of the panels have a real function. Once the panels are in place, the 18650 battery’s is perfectly maintained. No play is felt, even when shaking the box in all directions!

To remove the battery, the two decorative panels must be removed. On one of them, the polarity is indicated by a sticker. The positive pole is placed at the bottom of the box. We would have liked an additional indication inside the box for easy identification.

The box has a particularly ergonomic shape. Three waves guide the placement of the fingers along the body of the box. The grip is particularly pleasant. A fourth curve would have been welcome, especially for users with slightly large hands. There’s nothing to be afraid of, no fatigue or discomfort is caused.

However, the shape of the box, with its finger placement, means that the release button has to be pressed only with the thumb. Those who enjoy the fire with the index finger will have to adapt… or not.

Nice performance

On the front of the box, the release button is small but falls naturally under the finger. It does not rattle and is flexible. Below the colour screen there is a “+” button, a release button and the “-“. A micro USB socket at the bottom of the front panel allows for charging, but more importantly, for updating and customizing the chipset.With its DNA75C chipset, the Mono SQ performs well. The reliability of the latter is no longer to be proven and has been proven for a long time. The replay mode allows the ideal puff to be memorised and reproduced with each press. Not to mention that, with EScribe software, customization is total (display, color, menus…), which makes the experience even more exciting. Allowing a power rating up to 75 watts, the Mono SQ meets the needs of a majority of users.

We like

  • Design
  • Quality of finishes
  • Chipset

We don’t like

  • Thumb fire



Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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dovpo-x-signature-tips-mono-sq-dna75c-reviewThe Mono SQ DNA75C from Dovpo and Signature Tips is a very good electro box. Very well assembled, its materials are of quality. Its DNA75C chipset allows many settings for ultimate customization.