The lead scientist and global project manager for the VERITAS (Vaping effects: real-world international surveillance) Cohort Study, is Dr. Carl V. Phillips, and it is headed by award winning Dr. Polosa.

An episode of RegWatch live streamed on the 21st of July, hosts Dr. Phillips who explains why the VERITAS Study is by far the most substantial study of the health effects of vaping (in the absence of smoking) and will provide invaluable information for vapers, smokers, and policymakers.

“It is the single most important question: Is vaping safe? Despite a mountain of research pointing to low health risks associated with vaping compared to smoking; a definitive answer remains elusive. But researchers behind a new multi-site international study of the health effects of vaping hope to remedy that and need your help.”

Anyone wishing to be part of this invaluable study is encouraged to find out more by listening to the recorded episode, live on the 21st of July.

The Vaping Weekly Podcast: Chelsea Boyd of R Street Institute; IQOS MRTP; Australia Update


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