An article on Robotics and Automation News, has looked through current relevant factors that are likely to make a vaping product successful. “Business people try to track these factors and trends to make their activities on the market profitable. Numerous business analytics conduct various surveys and make several prognoses.” The piece finally listed 5 trends as being critical for success given the current atmosphere.

Appealing Flavours

The first trend mentioned in the article, is one that is highly controversial: flavours. Multiple studies have indicated that contrary to what is generally believed, adults are also drawn to flavours, not just teens. This means that they play a major role where it comes to motivating adults switching to the safer alternatives.

On the other hand, scientific research has also indicated that teens do not start vaping mainly due to flavours, and that actually other factors are at play such as seeming “cool” and a tendency to experiment. Despite this, flavour bans “to prevent teen vaping” have been popping up left right centre, and manufacturers need to be prepared for the worst.

E-cigarette size

One of the reasons Juul has gained such popularity is its size and sleek shape. Additionally, as new models are released on the market, we can see the devices becoming more compact. This makes sense given that in most cases (as in the case of most men) e-cigarettes are carried around in one’s pocket.


As in the case of flavours, vape laws and regulations keep changing at unpredictable rates. To this effect, manufacturers need to be extremely flexible in order to not risk financial losses. The challenge is of course, being lawful whilst satisfying customers’ needs and staying in line with current trends. Being a volatile and relatively new market, vape businesses need always be prepared for unprecedented changes.


In this modern fast paced society, everyone opts for quick results that require the minimum possible effort. This is another reason why Juul and other devices that operate via nicotine salts rather than e-liquids, are so popular. These devices deliver higher nicotine doses, hence are quicker to satisfy their users’ cravings, making them the most effective harm reduction/smoking cessation tools around.

The latest technology

In line with the above, living in a high-tech world where people are drawn to the latest technologies, it is no surprise that a vape business that is willing to constantly upgrade its products, to be in line with the latest modern technological advancements will be more successful (especially with the younger generations) than one which lags behind. An obvious example of this would be a vape that can be connected to a smartphone in order to yield personal readings, such as how much nicotine one is consuming.

“Major vaping companies are widely implementing these innovative technologies. Such devices can be controlled through Bluetooth connection so that you can change any parameter by means of your smartphone. The integration of smartphones and vaping devices allows people to use their two favorite devices together, control their vape consumption, and get some new experience,” read the article.

Juul’s AI-powered device

In line with this, Juul has recently applied for a patent of a device powered by artificial intelligence, which could help users quit “juuling” by reducing their daily nicotine consumption. The device would be connected to a smartphone, would learn how often and how much nicotine one vapes and determine how and when to substitute the non-nicotine accordingly.

The patent application describes the device as working “in communication” with a vaporizer (used to vape nicotine) and would alternate nicotine and a similar, non-nicotine product, such as citric acid, to gradually reduce the user’s nicotine intake. The application says that the “controller may apply machine learning to adjust delivery of nicotine and/or non-nicotine vaporizable material” based on the users’ behavior (using a “plurality of puffs”) and that the behavior “may be learned through monitoring the vaporizer use and behavior of the user.”

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