Adults who switched to flavoured vaping products as opposed to non-flavoured ones, were more likely to quit smoking altogether.
While multiple entities insist that flavours serve only to entice teens to take up vaping, research keeps indicating that flavoured vaping products actually help adults switch to the safer alternatives. In fact, the current study found that the overall consumption of flavoured products was not linked to teen vaping initiation. On the other hand it was strongly associated with adult smoking cessation success, with adults who switched to flavoured vaping products as opposed to non-flavoured ones, being more likely to quit smoking altogether.

This massive study gathered data from a cohort of 17,929 participants. “Relative to vaping tobacco flavours, vaping non tobacco-flavoured e-cigarettes was not associated with increased youth smoking initiation but was associated with an increase in the odds of adult smoking cessation,” read the study Abstract. Other recent independent studies have found that curiosity and appearing “cool”, were the main motivators for some teens to try vaping, not flavours.

Colorado Smoke-Free Association: this study highlights the importance of flavours

The study found that the overall consumption of flavoured products was not linked to teen vaping initiation.
“This report by JAMA highlights the importance of the Rocky Mountain Smoke-Free Alliance’s mission and goals,” said Amanda Wheeler, vice president of RMSFA. “Since the inception of RMSFA, our two missions have been to reduce youth access to vaping and help adults who are seeking alternatives to stop smoking. This report further proves adults across America depend on flavored vapor to reduce or eliminate their cigarette addiction.”

“Furthermore, last week, Colorado legislators postponed indefinitely House Bill 1319, a flavor ban on vapor products. As an industry fighting to help end addiction to cigarette use, we must continue to preserve access to vape flavors for responsible, law-abiding adults,” added Wheeler at the time the study was published.

“As an association and as parents, RMSFA shares the same concerns that many parents have about youth vaping,” said Wheeler. “In that same vein, our association supports keeping flavored vapor out of the hands of minors to further reduce their access to nicotine products.”

Kiwi vape advocates urge their MPs to take note of these findings

Vaping advocates from New Zealand have spoken up in response to these findings, saying that authorities should take note. “This study overwhelmingly proves flavours help more adults to quit smoking and don’t entice more young people into smoking. Given this compelling research, our MPs now need to amend the bill and retain adult accessibility to popular flavours. Without doubt, flavours are key to New Zealand achieving a smokefree future,” said Ben Pryor, co-owner of VAPO and Alt – the largest Kiwi-owned vape brands.

“We just want our Government to follow the evidence, not the emotion. As the researchers conclude ‘increasing smoking cessation among individuals aged 18 to 54 years has substantive implications for population health’. The way to achieve that is to ensure a wide range of vape flavours are available to smokers keen to quit deadly tobacco. Adults love flavours and they work!”

“We urgently call on MPs not to let this bill pass in its current form. Yes, to heavy restrictions against youth access and world-leading product safety standards, but no to limiting flavours to just specialist vape stores. That only supports the tobacco industry,” concluded Pryor. Sadly he was referring to New Zealand’s Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill, which has meanwhile been passed without the much needed amendments mentioned by Pryor.

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