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Six Licks Berried Alive Review: The Best Six Licks Juice Yet!


Six Licks have brought out a new flavour for us all, and in the midst of a nationwide lockdown along with all the uncertainty we face in this time, brought some much needed happiness to my day when I found out! Better still, it arrived super quick thanks to the lovely folks over at E-liquids.com!

What’s better than Six Licks releasing a brand new flavour!? Well i’d say getting a free 10ml sample of “Berried Alive” for absolutely free! Which is what I took advantage of at e-liquids.com who kindly gave away 5,000 free samples of Berried Alive recently.

Six Licks has been at the forefront of the UK e-liquid scene for a few years now, and I have been a massive fan of every single juice they’ve released while enjoying their stock rise amongst the vaping community. They just seem to bring a certain complexity to their formulations without sacrificing quality! Berried Alive is no exception. I’ve been vaping this for nearly a week and the flavour hasn’t dropped off like most e-liquids I vape for an extended period of time.

So what does it taste like? Like flavour heaven is what I’d say.

“Berried Alive” is a tantalizing mix of Strawberry, Guava and Watermelon. It seems to provide new and exciting takes on the flavour profile with every single hit – and I can’t get enough of it. I get a luscious mix of Strawberry and tropical Guava notes on the inhale, and as you breath out a refreshing hit of Watermelon tops the blend off perfectly! The Strawberry notes at times border on candied fruit, and the tropical Guava mid-notes don’t fluctuate no matter how much you vape it! It truly is a masterful fruit blend that combines tropical taste and a fresh feeling!

I will most certainly be adding this to my list of mainstay e-liquids, and I’m sure many others will too when they get to try this e-liquid.

You can find “Berried Alive” at your local Six Licks stockist which you can find at sixlicks.com or purchase online at e-liquids.com, you won’t be disappointed when you do!

50ml bottles are just £12.99 and if you prefer a 100ml option those are priced at £18.99.

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