The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), a consumer and industry group advocating for electronic cigarettes and the vaping industry, has announced its opposition to a proposal to further restrict these products further throughout the province of Quebec.

“While our organization agrees with some of the proposed measures, others will have the unintended consequence of pushing ex-smokers back to smoking,” the statement from the CVA says.

The Montreal Gazette reports that Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé intends to ban flavored vaping products within the province.

“With the growing popularity of vaporization products, especially among young people, it becomes imperative to act to prevent a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine because of these products,” Dubé said in a statement on December 9. The ministry released a public health report that justifies the action to further restrict the product category, due to the need to further ameliorate the youth vaping epidemic in their regions of Canada.

“Numerous studies show that [flavor] is the main reason why young people are more inclined to vape,” the public health report noted. “Indeed, [flavors], especially sweet ones and the way they are marketed increases the attractiveness of the product and decreases the perception of health risks.”

The association responded:

“The CVA respects the Government of Quebec’s mission to protect youth from nicotine experimentation and addiction. Yet, it is crucial that the Government of Quebec, understand that the CVA shares this goal. Independent vape businesses were created to solve the problem created by tobacco. Although often wrongfully viewed as an extension of tobacco, the sole purpose of the independent vape industry is to help adult smokers reduce their harm.”

John Xydous, the regional director for the CVA, further added personal remarks against the findings and potential proposals coming from Dubé and his ministry.

“The data from Nova Scotia demonstrates the province’s failure to regulate in the interest of public health,” Xydous said. “As a result, Nova Scotia has failed its citizens. We urge Quebec not to follow this disastrous path. The CVA, calls on government to ensure the industry is included in the regulatory process. Collectively we can ensure policy is effective and science driven.”

This is a developing story.

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