The maker of tobacco-free heat-not-burn pods is set to enter the medical device market and field the expert insight of a chief medical officer.

VANCOUVER — Canada-based Poda Lifestyle and Wellness announced that it had hired a chief medical officer, Dr. Jagdeep Gupta, to develop further the company’s Beyond Burn pod system that is entirely tobacco-free and is designed to simulate smoking and nicotine.

“The Poda product can provide an exceptional platform for the delivery of smoking cessation tools,” said Ryan Selby, Poda’s chief executive officer, in a statement to the company’s board, stakeholders, and the news media. “Quitting smoking can be difficult, and the addition of Dr. Gupta as Chief Medical Officer will help Poda to potentially develop medically approved products and treatment strategies designed to provide adult smokers with the tools they need to successfully quit smoking.”

According to the company, its Beyond Burn line of pods is tobacco-free. It uses a “blend of pelletized tea leaves infused with synthetic nicotine, which provides adult smokers with a smoke-free alternative to their regular habit without sacrificing satisfaction. The firm also says that their pods have “been expertly crafted to mimic the sensorial experience of traditional cigarettes without the smoke, without the smell, and without the tobacco.”

“As a practicing medical doctor, I have numerous patients who desperately want to quit smoking, and in my experience, existing smoking-cessation products have not worked as well as I would have hoped,” Dr. Gupta said in the statement. “I am especially excited to study and develop a smoking cessation technology that not only uses a tapering nicotine dose that is very precise but also addresses the oral fixation element at the same time.”

“I believe the Poda system may potentially provide an extremely effective tool to help smokers quit, and I am very excited to coordinate the development and deployment of Poda’s smoking cessation tools,” adds Dr. Gupta.

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