Launched earlier this week, ‘Dr Col’s Vape Truths’, is an evidenced-based video campaign on nicotine vaping, designed to combat the ongoing rampant misinformation currently being spread by state health departments, particularly in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Announcing the campaign on his website Mendelsohn described the campaign as follows: “Dr Col’s Vape Truths’ campaign consists of eight short videos correcting common misconceptions about vaping and is based on eight misleading and alarmist videos by Queensland Health. The videos cover the following key evidence:

  • 1 Vapour is far less toxic than cigarette smoke.
  • 2 Vaping significantly reduces the risk of cancer relative to smoking.
  • 3 Vaping nicotine does not cause serious harm to the lungs.
  • 4 Vapes incorrectly labelled as nicotine-free are dodgy disposable products sold on the black market, not from reputable businesses.
  • 5 There has never been a single death caused by vaping nicotine.
  • 6 When smokers switch to vaping, their breathing improves substantially.
  • 7 Vaping is not completely risk-free but is substantially safer than deadly cigarettes.
  • 8 Most of the chemicals in vapour are present at very low doses and most cause little or no harm.”

Executive Co-ordinator of CAPHRA (Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates) Nancy Loucas, highlighted how timely the campaign was. “Thankfully, the inconvenient truth about vaping has now landed on the laptops of Australians smashing all the alarmist anti-vaping propaganda health agencies and officials are peddling.”

“Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia are throwing a lot of public money at untruthful anti-vaping campaigns. Subsequently, adult smokers in Australia are being actively discouraged from switching to less harmful nicotine alternatives. Dr Col’s Vape Truths are well worth a watch and completely expose Australia’s indefensible anti-vaping position,” she says.

Australian authorities adopt destructive anti-THR stance

In fact in a letter dated Wednesday July 20th, vaping activists from around the world called on Australia’s Ministry of Health, urging it to cease the ongoing attacks against the local vape industry. This action came in response to a note received by vape shop owners across Western Australia from the WA health department, asking them to cease operations within 14 days.

Seventeen vaping consumer organisations worldwide signed the letter in support of the WA vapers, with director of the global vaping advocacy group World Vapers’ Alliance Michael Landl reiterating how such actions will result in a public health disaster.

“Vaping has been a lifeline for more than 80 million people who struggled to quit smoking. It’s the most successful smoking cessation tool so far and has been acknowledged so in the UK, France, and New Zealand, to name a few. Closing down vape shops will not only lead vapers to the black market in search of their preferred products but also prevent many smokers from quitting traditional cigarettes as they will struggle to find alternatives on the market. By restricting access to harm reduction tools while keeping traditional cigarettes on the market, the WA government is opening the doors to a public health disaster,” said Landl.

Australia’s Latest Document on Vaping Will Cost More Australian Lives

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