What are the benefits of making your own coils?

First of all, re-constructible e-cigarettes can save you a lot of money. They also let you personalise your vape to perfectly suit your needs and desires.

What does “rebuildable” mean?

In the world of vaping, the term” rebuildable” refers to the fact of making your coil yourself. It is used to talk about atomizers, which are often called “rebuildable atomizers”.

You get rebuildable atomizers and what are called clearomizers. Whereas clearomizers work with resistances (also called coils) machined by the manufacturers, rebuildable atomizers work with coils that vapers have to make themselves.

Don’t panic! Making your own coil is child’s play and only takes a few seconds once you’ve got the hang of it. 

What are the advantages of the rebuildable?

Hand made coils

Getting into rebuildables, i.e. using an atomizer rather than a clearomizer, offers many advantages.

Since it is up to the vaper to make their own coil, they can make one that corresponds perfectly to their vaping style. Users of rebuildable atomizers can create coils that operate at very low power (5-7 watts) or at crazy levels of power (200 watts).

They can also choose the type of wire used to make their coil, which will then react differently. Whereas some types of wire are particularly effective when used in temperature control (TC) mode for example, such as stainless steel, others will only work for more standard use, i.e. in variable power mode. This is the case of Kanthal or Ni80 in particular.

The second advantage, and by no means least, is financial.

Whereas a set of five coils designed for use with a clearomizer generally sets the vaper back between €9 and €20, an average of €3 per coil, the actual cost of a coil made by the vaper themselves is much less! Indeed, a 4.5-metre reel of very classic Kanthal A1 type wire costs around 12 cents per coil, or 60 cents for a batch of five.

What are the essential tools you need to get started in rebuildables?

Starting out in the field of rebuildables requires a small financial outlay. Making your own coil is easy but you have to have the right conditions to do it properly.

Any good vaper who is keen on making their own coils usually has a list of must-have tools:

  • a wire-cutter, used to cut the wire used to make the coil: allow between €6 and €10;
  • angled long-nose pliers, to be able to pull the fibre through the coil when you have made it: allow between €4 and €7;
  • a microcoil rod, used to wind the coil wire to the diameter of your choice: allow between €5 and €10;
  • a small pair of scissors, used to cut the cotton to the right length: allow between €4 and €10;
  • a small screwdriver, used to tighten/unscrew the screws holding the coil in place in the atomizer: allow between €4 and €7.

In total, you will need to spend between €25 and €45 euros to kit yourself out with the tools necessary to get off to a good start in the world of rebuildables. However, you might be able to save some money, since it is quite possible that you already have scissors, a screwdriver or angled pliers at home that you can use.

You can also buy little kits containing all the necessary tools, which can be a good starting point to get into making your own home-made coils. They include everything you need, and often at very competitive prices.

You will also need…..an atomizer of course. For all you need to know about the best atomizers around at the moment, follow the guide!

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