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Will Scotland ban vaping in cars?

The Law Society of Scotland considers that the cigarette ban enforced by the Smoking Prohibition (Children in Motor Vehicles) Bill accepted by the Parliament on December...

Canada: Ontario delays ban on vaping in public spaces

A respite for specialty shops The Canadian province of Ontario confirmed,under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to the under-19s on January 1,...

Australia: New measures against e-cigarettes in New South Wales

Vaping while driving in the presence of children under 16 is prohibited Since December 1, 2015, in the state of New South Wales in Australia,...

The Welsh government reconsiders vaping ban in public places

Initially thought as a radical ban on vaping in all Welsh public places with a possible extent to personal housings, by fear to normalize...

Canada: Online sale of vaping products is illegal in Quebec

"Error 404 - Page Not Found" Since the adoption of Law 44 in Quebec, the vapers are discovering every day new consequences of its implementation. Vaping products were...

A preview of the future regulation of e-cigarettes in the US

Eric Lindblom, the advisor of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a report entitled the "Effectively Regulating E-Cigarettes and Their Advertising—and the First Amendment"....