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Founded in 1902, British American Tobacco (BAT) is one of the largest tobacco producers in the world. It owns numerous cigarette brands, including Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Winfield and Vogue.
Like Philip Morris International, BAT moved into vaping several years ago through the products in its Vype range.

Representative of BAT to speak at EuroScience Open Forum 2016

Trani shared her thoughts about the negative consequences of having different rules in different jurisdictions, will have on the industry, namely on small businesses...

UK: BAT affords the Ecig manufacturer Ten Motives

A discreet transaction According to an information published by ECigIntelligence, British American Tobacco could have afforded Ten Motives, one of the most important independent e-cigarette...

Australia: Voke Inhaler, poison or drug?

Nicovations Australia, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, filed a registration request (application) for their nicotine inhaler, Voke, to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration...

BAT announces the “hybrid” ecig

A vaporizer and a diffuser of aromas Currently marketed in Romania, glo iFuse is an electronic cigarette that combines, according to the manufacturer, the advantages e-cigarette with the rendering...

UK: E-cigarettes can be prescribed by physicians

Before e-Voke, the Voke nicotine inhaler had received medical clearance Last November, Voke, British American Tobacco's electronic cigarettes had been granted  a license from the British...

Voke 0.45 mg Inhaler: What is it?

"Innovating beyond e-cigarettes" The MHRA recently issued the authorization for the Voke, nevertheless a secondary authorization is required to make this type of product available to...

UK: An e-cigarette to be made available on the NHS

Physicians will soon be authorized to prescribe e-cigarettes as a support for withdrawal It was underway after the publication of the report on the electronic...

E-cigarette : The Reynolds tobacco company’s supply expands

Tanks and e-liquid are now available for their "Cigalike" The Company that purchased Lorillard in 2014 has been distributing the e-cigarette brand Vuse, a "cigalike"  model with a sealed cartridge (a closed...