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Senator Ron Johnson Challenging FDA Vaping Regulations (part one)

To understand this story in it's entirety, it is essential for us to first dive deeper into discovering who exactly Ron Johnson is as...

Why is the truth about vaping being suppressed instead of celebrated?

Smith opens his argument by rightly pointing out that when a new life saving procedure or perhaps a new safety gadget is created, it...

Challenges faced by the FDA. Will it lose this battle?

During the past years the FDA has been trying to establish some control on the vaping industry, and the Supreme Court has been vigilant...

Stefan Didak explains new FDA regulation’s impacts on vaping

Stefan Didak, the founder and president of the advocacy group NotBlowingSmoke, attended the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, last weekend. In a interview...

US FDA’s Final Deeming Rule viewed by an expert

Patricia Kovacevic, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer (Nicopure Labs), has communicated throughout the rulemaking process to inform the public of what to expect when...

FDA’s finalized deeming rule: A low blow for vapor products

The finalized version of FDA's Deeming Rule has been released in a 499-page document. Two years, it is the time industry and advocacy groups had to wait...

USA: Vapers first victory in the grandfather date fight

The Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA) announced that the House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment, last Tuesday, that could save 99 percent of e-cigarette...

US Vape retailers’ lukewarmness in the perspective of FDA’s regulations

Vaping products are still unregulated by FDA in the USA, they also receive an overall negative scientific image, leading to a very nefast media overview. This situation...